About the Family Tree Maker 2024 upgrade in detail

Upgrade FTM 2024

If you want to know about the Family Tree Maker 2024 upgrade, you have come to the perfect place. Here, you will find everything about the Upgrade FTM 2024. In case of any difficulties, contact Family Tree Maker Support at +1-888-257-3335 for quick help.

Upgrade FTM 2024

We all know that Family Tree is reputed software that helps in collating family history and remembering your ancestors. Along with that, it would be the best idea to get a Family Tree Maker 2019 upgrade. It will help in creating the family tree, and thus, you can quickly keep passing it down through the generations.

In addition, it would be a good idea to upgrade the Family Tree Maker for new features. It helps store all the history of the family. It will let you visualize the entire family chain in just a single view. The Family Tree helps capture the family story. The new upgrade helps provide various options as well as tools.

The new software has many features, which makes it more complex. The best thing is that all the support that has been offered must be used by a novice. You can quickly get instant help if you are facing such an issue. The tech team helps provide the handhold for the family tree creation process. The upgraded version enables you to unlock the previous Family Tree Maker versions.

Along with that, you can enjoy new tools and the latest features. Thus, you can easily merge the family tree and will be able to expand them. You can also join different parts without making any mistakes. You should also know the internet speed and stability. If you have any excess media, this would help create the sync trouble.

You should also know that the technology must come with a new upgrade, which helps create the perfect family tree. You don’t have to spend any time. Thus, you can make a tree prone to mistakes. Also, you might face some trouble while understanding complex charts and graphs. In such a case, you can chat with the support team and let them know it for quick solutions.

How to quickly pre-order Family Tree Maker?

You can quickly pre-order the Family Tree Maker only if you are a customer of Family Tree Maker. If you are, you will find a link to the email and then choose the download option. After following the on-screen prompts to pre-order it, you can easily download it.

How can you upgrade Family Tree Maker 2024?

If you are already a Family Tree Maker customer, you will receive a link directly in your mail. You must go through it, and then you will find three options. Upon them, you will find the download option; choose it. Finally, follow the on-screen steps to download and upgrade it. You can only upgrade it after seeing the link sent to you after the Family Tree Maker 2024 release.

Need some help?

If you encounter issues with the Tree Maker 2024 upgrade, you must contact the experts without giving it any other thought. Itcontactst if you adequately tell them about the queries, and only then will you get the complete guidelines related to FTM 2024.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Review

Family Tree Maker 2019 Review

Here, you will learn about Family Tree Maker 2019 Review. If you are a genealogist searching for software to compile your data, Family Tree Maker 2019  is the best option. Many features in FTM put FTM at the top of the list. In this blog, we will review and explain a few parts.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Review

For almost 30 years, Family Tree Maker developers have been working on the software to make it better for the user. The software developer from MacKiev has done an excellent job.

New Features That MacKiev Has Added In Family Tree Maker For The Data


TreeVault – It is a cloud-based service that allows user to keep their data safe on a cloud server. A user can restore family tree data using Treevault Cloud Service. So if a user loses the devices, they don’t lose the data. TreeVault is free for twelve months. After that, the customer has to pay if they want to use this service after twelve months. There is a nominal fee of $20 or USD 30.

Family Tree Maker Connect App

Family Tree Maker Connect App A user can view their tree on a smart device (iPhone, iPad, or Android-based operating system devices). It is one of the best features that MacKiev adds.

Next of Kin

Next of Kin A user can designate someone as a successor. Once a user gives up on FTM, the successor can take over their legacy. Users can create a certificate and send it to the person they want to appoint.

Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time It is one of the essential features, and a user should know or learn how to use it. Let me explain what it does for the user. For example, you are a user and have been working on your family tree for years. You took the full back of your FTM a few weeks ago, You are working on your tree and found you made a mistake in it five days ago. You can go back five days ago with the help of Turn Back Time and restore your tree to 5days back. Simple, you do not have to restore your tree to 3 weeks back.

MacKiev Has Added New Features To Make Your Family Tree Maker Look Better Than Before –

Profile Picture Perfection –

Profile Picture Perfection is an inbuilt tool that allows users to edit photos. It has manual and automatic adjustments. So if you are not a professional photo editor, let this tool do the job for you. It works amazingly well if you have one person in the photo.

AlbumWALK Media Player

AlbumWALK Media Player can allow the user to record a voice about the photo. For example, if you have multiple images, you can tap on each and record the voices one by one. Once you are done, AlbumWALK adds music and creates a small movie or clip.

Other Important features of FTM

Companion Guide –

Every step you need to learn how to make in FTM is in the companion guide. For example, you must read the companion guide’s instructions to learn how to add a person or information about a person. It is also called the Family Tree Maker 2019 manual.

Note: We don’t suggest you buy a Companion guide as Mackiev has yet to deliver the order they took two years back.

Charts and Reports –

We suggest exploring FTM’s Chart and Reports. Creating reports and printing them out is easy with FTM. For example, you can select your grandfather and create his entire report.

Rich Color coding –

Rich Color Coding – You can assign a color to your bloodline. This feature helps the user to recognize their family lines. It also helps to look your tree colorful.

Photo Darkroom

This feature is one of my favourite features. Users can upload an old picture of an ancestor and use this tool to make it look new. It is effortless to use and recreates the perfect image for the user.


Question:- What if I face family tree maker 2019 problems?

Answer:-   You can chat with MacKiev. You can get free help. If you want premium service, then you can call us at +1-888-299-3207.

Question:- Where to buy Family Tree Maker 2019?

Answer:- You can purchase it from MacKiev.

Question:- Will I get a Family Tree Maker 2019 discount?

Answer:- You can check with MacKiev chat Support. They have a discount offer from time to time.

Question:- Can I get a Family Tree Maker 2019 download for free?

Answer:- This software is a premium software, and a user needs to buy it.

Question:- How to get a family Tree Maker 2019 upgrade?

Answer:- Please click on the FTM app and go to the help tab. In the Help tab, you can click “check for updates and upgrades.” Click this option to update or upgrade your software.

Get Instant Support

Suppose you have any questions related to FTM or genealogy. Then, you can call us. We help customer to decide how they should start their genealogy journey. Our Family Tree Maker Support Number is +1-888-257-3335.

Family Tree Maker Live Chat

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How To Add Pictures To Family Tree Maker Program

Add media in family tree maker

If you are a Family Tree Maker user and want to Add media in Family Tree Maker, then read this blog. You will learn to add media in simple steps. A user can add a picture, video clip, audio clip, and any type of document.

Note: You will need to save media on your computer. Follow the steps below to save your media.

Saving Media From Email

If you have received media from your family or someone through email, then you will need to save it on your computer. Right-click on the attachment and then click on save. Choose the location on your computer to save the file.

Move media from external hard disk to computer hard disk (camera, flash drive, or hard disk)

Please connect your external hard disk to your PC and then open the folder. Select all the media that you wish to move and then copy them. Now, go to the folder where you want to move. Right-click in the folder and click on the paste to copy your media to your computer.

Now that you have media on your PC let’s learn to Add media in Family Tree Maker.

Add Media In Family Tree Maker Please Follow The Steps Below:-

1. Open Family Tree Maker Software.

2. Click on Media Workspace and then click on Add.
Add media in family tree maker

3. You will get three choices. Click on Add New Media. Once you click on add new media, you will get a new window to browse media.

4. Select the folder where you have saved the media on your computer.

5. If you want to add multiple media, then you should select as many as you want to select and then click on open.

6. You will get a message from Family Tree Maker asking where you want to link these media. Please do not uncheck the box displayed in the image below.
add multiple media

7. Please select the category and then click on okay.

That is all you will need to do to add media to the Family Tree Maker. If you have any questions, feel free to get back to us.


Thus, you can easily Add pictures to the Family Tree Maker Program. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-888-257-3335. You can connect via Live chat with experts via family Tree Maker Support.

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Transferring Family Tree Maker files from one computer to another

Transfer your FTM tree

TreeVault Cloud Services helps to transfer your FTM tree from one computer to another. You must make sure that the tree stays updated with TreeVault Cloud Service on the second computer.

This article helps you to know how to transfer your FTM tree between two computers using a USB flash drive and then connect it back to your Antenna tree.

Transfer your FTM tree files from one computer to another computer

To successfully transfer your tree file from one computer to another, FTM 2019 must installed on both computers. You must have a removable storage device to move your file.

Alternatively, it can be transferred via a computer network or cloud storage.

The easiest way to transfer a tree from one computer to another, however, is by using a USB flash drive.

If you do not have one, it may be worth your time to buy one before continuing with the steps below.

On the first computer:

  1. Open FTM 2019 on the computer with your current FTM tree.
  2. Manually do the full backup of your FTM tree.
  3. Go to the location of the backup file you have created and copy the file to your flash drive.
  4. Unplug your flash drive from the first computer.

On the second computer:

  1. Plug the flash drive into an available USB port on the computer. Which do you want to transfer your FTM Source tree?
  2. Copy the backup file to your computer’s hard disk before going ahead with the restoration process.
  3. Open FTM 2019, click the File menu and choose Restore.
  4. In the dialogue that appears, navigate to the location where you saved the backup file, select the file, and then click Open.
  5. Select the location on your hard disk where you want your tree to be saved (FTM tree files are usually stored in the Family Tree Maker folder in your Documents folder).

Then click the Save button to restore your tree from the backup. The restored tree opens in Family Tree Maker.

  1. Make sure you are logged in to TreeVault with the same account you used when creating the Antenna tree on the first computer.

If you are logged in to a different TreeVault account, click Cancel in the message that appears, prompting you to create an Antenna tree, log out of TreeVault, and then log back in with the TreeVault account you were using on the first computer.

  1. Click on View > Tree Browser or click the Select Treepop-up menu on the far left of the main toolbar and then click Tree Browser. The Tree Browser Window appears.
  2. In the Tree Browser window, select TreeVault on the left and then click Next in the bottom-right corner of the window.
  3. Click the Find FTM Source Tree button.
  4. Select your tree in the Results for FTM Source Treecolumn.
  5. Make sure that the selected tree is the tree that you restored in step 5 (double-check the tree). Then click Use as Source Tree.
  6. Your tree is linked to the Antenna tree and becomes the FTM Source tree. Only changes to this new Source tree on the second computer will be applied to your Antenna tree.

The FTM tree from which you made the backup on the first computer will no longer be linked to the Antenna tree.

  1. If you close your restore tree after step 5 and perform steps 6–10 without an open tree. Then, the Source tree will open automatically.

You can click Open This FTM Tree in the Tree Browser window at any time to open your Source tree.

This is how you can Transfer FTM Files from one computer to another computer. Apart from this, if you have any queries regarding the family tree maker, then you can call the family tree maker support phone number.

Our FTM Experts will help you with the best solution. You can call us any time; our family tree maker support number is +1-888-257-3335. For getting instant help, you can visit our website and do a live chat with our Experts.

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Family Tree Maker Support Center

Family Tree Maker Support Center

Hello there, and welcome to the Family Tree Maker Support Center. The aim of this post is to provide the easiest way to get the best support regarding genealogy software like Family Tree Maker or RootsMagic. Please check the important links that we give below.

Family Tree Maker Support Center Important links

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Install Family Tree Maker On a New Computer

Install FTM on a New Computer.

Merge two facts in Family Tree Maker

Check the Merge facts in FTM 2019.

Fix Slow and Freezes in Family Tree Maker

Check the Fix issues in Family Tree Maker software.

Restore Tree from Ancestry to Family Tree Maker

Restore your Tree From Ancestry.

Family Tree Maker Chart and Reports

How to create Reports or Charts in Family Tree Maker.

Create a Tree from FamilySearch in FTM 2019

Check how to create a tree from FamilySearch.

Making a Family Tree Maker Online Using Canva

How to use Family Tree Maker Online.

Companion Guide Status for Family Tree Maker 2019

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Export Charts, Reports, and Books from Family Tree Maker

Export Reports and Charts in Family Tree Maker.

 Transfer your FTM tree files from one computer to another

How to Transfer Family Tree Maker Software from one to another computer.

Upgrade Family Tree Maker 2019

How to upgrade family tree maker software.

We hope this post is beneficial to you and you got your issue solved. If you need Help, contact the Family Tree Maker support centre. Our team will assist you with the best solution. You can call our family tree maker number at +1-888-257-3335, or you can chat with our Experts Live Chat.