How To Add Pictures To Family Tree Maker Program

Add media in family tree maker

If you are a Family Tree Maker user and want to Add media in Family Tree Maker, then read this blog. You will learn to add media in simple steps. A user can add a picture, video clip, audio clip, and any type of document.

Note: You will need to save media on your computer. Follow the steps below to save your media.

Saving Media From Email

If you have received media from your family or someone through email, then you will need to save it on your computer. Right-click on the attachment and then click on save. Choose the location on your computer to save the file.

Move media from external hard disk to computer hard disk (camera, flash drive, or hard disk)

Please connect your external hard disk to your PC and then open the folder. Select all the media that you wish to move and then copy them. Now, go to the folder where you want to move. Right-click in the folder and click on the paste to copy your media to your computer.

Now that you have media on your PC let’s learn to Add media in Family Tree Maker.

Add Media In Family Tree Maker Please Follow The Steps Below:-

1. Open Family Tree Maker Software.

2. Click on Media Workspace and then click on Add.
Add media in family tree maker

3. You will get three choices. Click on Add New Media. Once you click on add new media, you will get a new window to browse media.

4. Select the folder where you have saved the media on your computer.

5. If you want to add multiple media, then you should select as many as you want to select and then click on open.

6. You will get a message from Family Tree Maker asking where you want to link these media. Please do not uncheck the box displayed in the image below.
add multiple media

7. Please select the category and then click on okay.

That is all you will need to do to add media to the Family Tree Maker. If you have any questions, feel free to get back to us.


Thus, you can easily Add pictures to the Family Tree Maker Program. For Further Assistance, you can call us at +1-888-257-3335. You can connect via Live chat with experts via family Tree Maker Support.

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How Can I Print My Tree From Family Tree Maker?

Print Family Tree Maker

Have you been looking for some solution to learn how to Print Family Tree Maker on a single page online, and you tried to attempt doing it yourself but could not do so? First of all, you need to log in to your site. Then, click on the option “Tree Tab”. There, you have to select the ‘more’ icon. Now, after that, you have to choose the option for ‘print charts and books’. After doing so, you need to visit the next page. There, you can make a new chart. To make a chart, you would have to first go to the ‘All in one’ chart type. There, just include all the individuals in the chart for your tree.

More Steps For Print Family Tree Maker

Now, after making the chart, you have to go for a single-page option for printing purposes. But make sure to print according to your requirements. What I mean is, that if your tree is large, then select multiple pages. Next, you have to choose the individual to whom you want the chart to be centred around. You can also edit the font, colour, and quantity of facts by using ‘facts of individuals and ‘chart style’.
For more preferences, you can go for ‘advanced customized options’, which you can easily find at the upper right side of the page.
Finally, you have to select the ‘show all generations’ options in your chart.

Click the ‘generate chart’ icon, and you are done with the process.

Last steps

  • After creating the chart, an email will come with a link to you by using it; you can download the PDF file, and then you can print it.
  • You can also go to the ‘My charts’ page, which you can find under the ‘charts and books’ sections.
  • If you want your chart to print professionally by using our service, then just go to the ‘order poster’ link and to save it, go to ‘view pdf’.

Since you read the blog (Print My Entire Family tree), you will be able to start printing your tree. But if you come across any issues, then you must Chat with us right away at Family Tree Maker Support  Live Chat, and you will get the guidance of the experts here.

You can Contact our Family Tree Maker Support Number to get your issue resolved. We provide phone support 24×7. The Family Tree Maker Support number is +1-888-257-3335. So you can call for help.

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How can I print my whole tree from Family Tree Maker?

print tree from Family Tree Maker

In Addition, We will discuss How Can I Print my tree from Family Tree Maker Genealogy Software. You can create your own charts with the help of these services.

Print My Whole Tree From FTM 2019

Do you ever wonder how you could print your online family tree maker clearly?  To share a physical copy of your tree with your relatives, or perhaps to display a family tree poster on your wall! 

There are many different services that allow you to “print my whole tree”. A few of them are listed below.  This article will tell you all you need to know before printing your family tree.

Family Tree Printing Service

You can create your own charts with the help of these services. These services will allow you to make family trees in a range of styles and price points. You can print it at home or get a professional printer on high-quality paper.

There is a wide variety in the level of customization. When it comes to these print-at-home services. As a result, you should know what you want your final product to look like before you choose.

There Are A Few Options Listed Down Below:

Ancestry Graphics & Printing– A family-owned business in Illinois that specializes in printing customized or fill-in-the-blank genealogy wall charts with five to 10 generations. The site has sample charts and images. It also includes an introductory video tutorial for submitting your tree for printing and a free genealogy-themed screen saver.

Family Chartmasters- A Utah-based company that allows you to create inexpensive working charts. And with professionally designed decorative wall charts, personalized DNA displays, and fill-in-the-blank charts.

Heartland Family Graphics- The sites create charts from Reunion genealogy software. It also provides instructions for the Family Tree Maker and MyHeritage Family Builder program. It allows wall charts to be printed on acid-free paper with pigment inks.

MyCanvas by Alexander As mentioned above, this service partners with Ancestry to import information and images from your Ancestry online tree. You can create family tree posters in three styles and sizes and order them printed on archival-quality photographic paper.

Webtreeprint- It uses a free interactive design tool here to create family tree charts, edit data, add footnotes and photos, and many more. In addition, you can also choose from 10 chart types, and a variety of design elements, paper sizes, and styles. also supports most languages.

Other Printing Options:

  • Geni(free JPEG for download)
  • OnePage Genealogy(free PDF for download)
  • TreeSeek(free PDF for download)
  • Keepsake Family Trees

You can Contact our Family Tree Maker Support Number to get your issue resolved. We provide phone support 24×7. The Family Tree Maker Support number is +1-888-257-3335. So you can call for help.

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