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Family Tree Maker Support
Family Tree maker Support

To get an online technician to fix your software problem. Now you can also call for Family Tree Maker help by calling family tree maker support number +1-888-299-3207 Now.

FTM is a software which help connecting families together. It keeps your family’s records with all the details. For example family member’s Date of birth, Date of death, Date of marriage. Detail about their children, Spouse etc. So you can or your families member can check it in future. Also you can see your family’s history using this Family Tree Maker software. This is a very useful Software to maintain records of your families or your relatives. Even pictures are also supported on this software. so you can see your families members images and photos along with their personal details. This Software was developed by researchers after their long hard-work and it is available in Basic version and Deluxe version. You can easily get this software from Local Store or you can get it from online store as well.

Devices that you can use Family Tree on!

Family Tree Maker software is available for Windows and Mac. so you can install this program on your Windows computer or Mac computer without any problem. Option like printing detail, Transfer your Family Tree backup file are also available. And also you can easily find certified technicians for your problem with this program.

About Family Tree Maker

Family Tree Maker is popular these days. Many people are using it and its popularity is increasing day by day. as it has user friendly interface and easy setup and installation for new user. So we will recommend you to give it a try. if you want to track your family’s history records and also to keep your families detail for your future family member.

Who all provides Family Tree Maker Support?

You can get Family Tree Maker support (Chat Support), for free from Mackiev Support. Mackiev Support does not provide remote support but they can guide you on the chat and help you resolve your problem for free. if you are looking for Family Tree Maker help from an organisation who provides remote support then you should call us. Here is our Family Tree Maker number +1-888-299-3207.

How to select the best Family Tree Maker Software?

If you are looking forward to choosing the best family tree maker software for your genealogy, then you must be a bit confused about choosing the best one. There are certain things which you need keep in mind in choosing the family tree maker software. With a project where there is a large amount of information to store, it became a little difficult.

If you are among those peoples who are confused about choosing the family tree maker software then here are some tips for you which will help you in choosing the best family tree maker software for your work.

Tips for choosing the family tree maker software

1: – Budget – Fix your budget. Now all you need to do is to look for the family tree maker software which fits in your budget. There are many products available in the market which offers services at the wide range.

2: – Purpose– Look out for what purpose you need the family tree maker software. If you want to use the software in the large-scale or for some limited amount of work.

3: – Features– Many family tree maker software companies provide you the software with different features. Look for the software which best suits your requirements. Compare the features of the software and which best fit in your checklist, go for it.

You can also ask for the trial version of the software for better understanding of the software.There are many more things which you need to look before buying the family tree software such as compatibility, security, and many more things.

How to create a blog so you your family can access information?

Let your family & friends, researcher’s worldwide benefit from your research on Family Tree Maker.

You must have been doing a lot of research for a long time and keeping valuable information for Family Tree Maker. which you would like to share with the rest of the world. Else, you might be looking forward to recording your ongoing progress for the research and thinking of keeping a good track of your work. It is suggested to write an organised blog to help others with your hard work.

The people who do the research on Family Tree Maker 2017 can easily write a blog of their own. This article helps you with step by step to guide you to achieve this with no technical glitch. There are many blocks which you must travel to get a good blog for yourself and others.

1st Step to create a blog :-

To create a Family Tree Maker 2017 blog, you must purchase a reliable and less expansive web host. The company for the web host is to store all the data and it’s a reputed to make sure your data is not loosed.

There are various hosting options which you can get from the internet. The few examples are: –



Site Ground



2nd Step to create a blog :-

Once you get the block 1 completed, you can move on to create your blog for Family Tree Maker 2017. Since you signed up for the web host service and own a web space and a family tree blog domain name you will get the landing screen. You will be asked to set up your password, agree to the terms and conditions and continue to next screen. You will the Word Press options, click on it to install it now. The green install button on Word Press will let you install the word press. The next step will ask you to verify the domain name which you have purchased earlier.

If you haven’t gotten the domain, you can check for the same. using your email and password. Once you install the family tree blog it will take you to the page where you will get the theme for the blog. You are marvellous. You have done it! The Family Tree Maker 2017 Blog in on the way!

3rd Step to create a blog :-

You must have received a couple of intimations on your email containing information to manage your family tree blog account and to access the site which you made on word press. Keep that info and don’t delete them by mistake. The domain you have registered, add /wp-admin to the end of the page to change your content. If this doesn’t work out to you, you must wait for some time as it takes some time to update it. At times the web host providers may put your account on hold for verification purpose. It takes a little bit of patience to have Family Tree Maker 2017 blog.

4th Step to create a blog :-

The most important aspect is the privacy. Secure your blog by using security plugin. Do you wish to make a private or a public blog for yourself? Don’t use the plugins if your decision is to make it public. Else you need the plugins to protect your data on the internet. On the page, you will see the options of plugins, click on it and add new. Once you click on it, make it my private blog in the search box and install it.

You will need to install and active the plugin so it can do the job for you. At this point, you can go into settings and click on private blog and then save the changes. Once done, you can log out from the console and try logging in to make sure you’re able to log in successfully again. If you share the username and password, the other person gets way to able to make changes on your private blog.

5th Step to create a blog :-

If you have set up the Family Tree Maker 2017 blog to be viewed publicly and openly, you must get the spam filter to save it from lewd comments from spammers. The plugin to stop spammers is absolutely free and easy to use. To install the anti-spam plugin search it in the plugin search. Once you get it, install the plugin.

6th Step to create a blog :-

The important aspect is to regularly back up the Family Tree Maker 2017 blog. There are 2 ways to do it. If you don’t want to do it manually yourself, you can pay monthly few dollars and otherwise install the plugin updraft plus and install it. You will need to download and upload plugin so you can back up your website. Please update blog every week so your blog will be updated all the time.

7th Step to create a blog :-

You have traveled 6 Blocks so far, and that’s what we call a terrific job done!

Now start adding the content to your blog. On the left-hand side of the window, you see add new post option. First, you must add the title of the new post. Resize the image by clicking on the pencil icon. You can also use featured image and click on set featured image and then upload the image and don’t forget to get the preview of it. Once done, you can publish it so to let yourself and others see your post. You can also delete the default post by going into the all posts and then clicking on delete it.

Note: Web host subscription information

Renew your hosting on time so your website will not go offline or will not be deleted by host provider. Make sure the credit card that you have used for the auto-renewal service must not get expired at the time of renewal. At any point in time, you think of making a public blog to a private one, you must play with the plugins. There are plugins to backup and restore which also come handy to back it up.

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Family Tree Maker 2017- Frequently Asked Questions

How to Compact and Back Up a Linked Tree?

Want to update your FTM 2017 Software, or you want to use a sync option like Family Sync? If Yes, then you must so here is the steps below.

  • First compact your tree files.
  • Full back up with any external driver like USB Drive or Flash Drive.

When you compact, it eliminates the spaces in the tree database and reduces the chances of errors so follow the instructions below.

Here’s how:

Compact Your FTM 2017 File

  • Select Compact.
  • Click Compact.
  • When says Compacting is successful, click “OK”

Backup Your FTM 2017 File

  • Select Backup.
  • In the Backup, select boxes to include Media files, Historical events, and if your tree is linked with one on, you will also be able to check Allow restored file to resume syncing.
  • Click Backup.
  • When says Backup is successful, click OK.

Save Your FTM 2017 File

Your Family Tree file are important and if your computer crashes for some reason, you should save your hard work by storing copies of your trees apart from your pc on regular intervals. It could also mean using online backup like Google Drive, etc.

Doesn’t my Ancestry tree get full backed up on server?

No. There are certain portions of the FTM 2017 on your pc which don’t get synced with your Ancestry tree. So, while your Ancestry tree have your family history records, you should never rely on it as only backup.

You want to avail the feature so you can connect Family Tree Maker 2017 to Ancestry, then upgrade to Family Tree Maker 2017. This software can sync to ancestry and it can give you ancestry hints, and ancestry search and merge function so there is no issue with FTM17. No other FTM editions have this functionality.

Call Family Tree Maker Support for any issues with Family Tree Maker – +1-888-299-3207

What in case I change my computer, and after an upgrade, do I have to install my old FTM copy?

No. If you are an old user, you became eligible to edit older editions or version of FTM, you will get a freestanding installer for your new pc, so the old version is not required.

Note : Learn about broken media in family tree maker.

I’ve installed a new Family Tree Software MacKiev version. Should I keep the old version?

No. Once you have installed the FTM 2017 Software MacKiev version, uninstall the old version. Better you keep it in a different folder or to an external drive.

Is Family Book Creator plugin by Stefan Harms’ compatible with the new versions?

Yes! It’s a free update for his Family Book Creator (FBC) for FTM 2017.

From where can I buy family tree maker software?

Buy FTM 2017 from MacKiev online store. If you are looking for discounted price then you should contact MacKiev chat support.

Does MacKiev Family Tree Maker Software support FamilySearch?

Yes. FTM17 (MacKiev Family Tree Maker) have combined FamilySearch Matches (hints), search, and merge into FTM 2017. call us to get family tree maker help so you can get your issue resolved.

How to login to familySearch?

If you want to login to, you need to go to browser address bar and type and put in your ID and password for Family Search login. If you do not have an account then you can sign up for this service as it is free service. if you are not able to go directly to website then you can go to google search and type familysearch login and click on the first link to access the website.

Is there family tree maker free available for user?

There is not trial version as well so my answer is no there is no family tree maker free.

More question and answers for family tree maker software to get help

What are the system requirements for FTM 2017?

FTM 2017 runs on Windows 7 / Windows 8/ Windows 10 and need a hard drive space of at least 700 MB. 2 gigabytes of RAM is necessary for your system to run the software properly. So make sure to buy a computer which has right size of ram and hard disk space.

What can you do if you don’t have a CD drive on your computer?

you can either buy a download copy of the software or you can purchase a USB version of the product. These two options are available so you can go ahead and order your family tree maker.

Can I use FTM 2017 on more than one computer?

Yes, you can do that by purchasing an FTM 2017 Family edition which allows you to use the software on 3 different computers, opposing the Standard User license agreement which allows you to use the software on only one computer.

Know Status of Companion guide Status.

Read our blog – Family Tree Analyzer – Family Tree Maker Help +1-888-299-3207

Disclaimer:, We are online technician service provider. we don’t have any relationship with MacKiev or with any brand. We only provide technician service. Any use of third party trademarks, brand names, Product and Services is only for referential purpose. hereby disclaims any sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of or by any third parties. If your product is covered under warranty, the support service may be available for free from manufacturer, You can always visit their respective website to get free service. You can also request our customer service to provide you contact information of any brand in case you would want to reach them.

This is all for now in this section. Stay tuned for more information about the family tree software. Please call family tree maker support number +1-888-299-3207 so you can get instant help.

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