Family Tree Maker Support – Instant Help [2022]

Family Tree Maker Support

What Is A Family Tree Maker?

In a very simple language, Family Tree Maker is a Genealogy Software Program that allows users to enter family information. A user can enter information while they are doing research on their family history. You can build your family tree.

FTM has a user-friendly interface, therefore it is well-known, and the most desired program. A purchaser can create a tree diagram, chart, report, or book using family tree templates. Users can use the Family Book Creator plugin to create a book and also can use the charting companion guide plugin.

How To Get Family Tree Maker Support?

You can get Chat Support, for free from MacKiev. MacKiev does not provide remote support but they can guide you on the chat and help you resolve your problem for free. If you are looking for Family Tree Maker Software help from an organization that provides remote support, then you should call us. Here is our Family Tree Maker Support Number +1-888-299-3207.

Family Tree Maker Live Chat:-

To get support for your software issues, you can contact MacKiev by going to their website. You can get free Family Tree Maker Live chat support from MacKiev. We also provide free chat support. 

Phone Support:-

If you encounter an issue and need someone on the phone. We are one of the best support provider for FTM software. All you need to do is to call our Family Tree Maker Support Number +1-888-299-3207 and someone will guide you.

Remote Support:-

We cannot resolve some issues on the phone, and then you will need remote support. Our Remote support is a premium service, and a user will need to pay to access a technician service.

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Family Tree Maker 2019 

Family tree maker 2019 latest version

Family Tree Program 2019 version ( is the most updated version till today (04/11/2022). MacKiev Software MacKiev company launched it on 29th September 2019. You can make the pedigree chart as it is family pedigree maker software.

FTM19 has many new features. If you own a previous version, then you can check for upgrade discounts provided by MacKiev.

Key Features of FTM2019

  1. TreeVault 
  2. Next of Kin 
  3. Rich Color Coding 
  4. Family Sync 
  5. Ancestry & FamilySearch 
  6. Photo Darkroom 
  7. Turn Back Time

Find an image above for reference. Please note the image is only for reference, we are not MacKiev. 

FTM 2019 Features

There are a few new features added in FTM2019. We have tried to mention all of them below.

  1. TreeVault–It is a cloud-based service. Family tree maker 2019 download will download the TreeVault automatically, so you will not have to download TreeVault separately. TreeVault allows users to view their changes on a real-time basis.
  2. Turn back Time – If you made a mistake while entering information. You can use turn back time to go back when you made a mistake.
  3. Index hints–When you get hints in the index from your favorite service provider ancestry, FamilySearch, then it is easier to download the information from the web.
  4. Photo Dark Room – Album walk is one of the feature that you will like the most. This is a best way to add photos.

These incredible features will make you feel that the Family tree maker 2019 upgrade is worth upgrading. Family tree maker 2019 has one of the best family charts and reports. You can create a stunning book and get it printed and circulate it among your friends and family. You can use a family book creator to create a book in FTM2019.

How To Upgrade From The Old Version To Family Tree Maker 2019?

To upgrade follow the steps below:-

  1. Open your old version of Software MacKiev FTM.
  2. Click on the help tab.
  3. Click on update and upgrades.
  4. In the next window, you can purchase Family Tree’s latest version.
  5. You will get discounted prices for FTM if you follow this step.
  6. Install the software and start the tree building for your family members.

How To Get Data From Ancestry To Family Tree Maker?

Ancestry owned a family tree maker a few years ago, so some users are still not sure who owns FTM right now. Ancestry is one of the enormous genealogy database companies.

You can go to the login page and sign in to your account. Download the Gedcom file and upload it to the family tree maker.

You may also download the tree from ancestry by going to the ancestry sign-in page in FTM and then signing in the ancestry account. Go to the new tree and click on download tree from ancestry.

Difference Between Ancestry And Family Tree Maker?

Ancestry is a web-based genealogy database company. It allows users to create a family tree and some basic reports and charts. When you create a tree based on ancestry, it is negligibly difficult as it depends on your internet. Please remember you can not install it on any phone or smart device.

Note – Family Tree Heritage or family historian is not similar to FTM. You can build your tree on both programs and add historical records.

You can install a family tree maker on only Mac or Windows OS. If you are using Chromebook, Linux, or another operating system, then you cannot install this program.

With ancestry, you can use it on any device. The device must have a browser and an internet connection.


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Please call the Family Tree Maker Support Number +1-888-299-3207, so you can get instant help.

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