Ancestry Media Sync Issues On Family Tree Maker 2019

Last updated on June 15th, 2023 at 03:22 am

Ancestry Media Sync Issues:- If you are experiencing sync issues between Family Tree Maker and Ancestry, try logging out and logging back in, syncing smaller portions of your tree, merging duplicate entries, or contacting Ancestry customer support. Additionally, it’s important to regularly back up your family tree data.

How to fix the Ancestry Media Sync Issue of your Family Tree Maker?

Solution 1.

Suppose you have added your media directly to your Ancestry tree on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. And after you synced. It may have caused proxies in your FTM tree for the items.

However, this did not happen when you added media to your FTM tree. This only affected the user-contributed media, unlike the source media, such as census images.

Other Ancestry source images download through different procedures that ancestry says are unaffected. So that if you have added your media to an Ancestry tree between Thursday & Saturday (causing you to end up with proxies in your FTM for those elements).

Delete those elements from the Ancestry tree. And after that, you need to reattach them and then sync them.

Solution 2.

You may get a media sync error if you have missing media in your tree. Please find all the lost media and attach them to the existing person. Once you reattach all the missing media, you should process the sync.

Are You Still Facing Ancestry Media Sync Issues?

If the above method does not work for you, then you may need to restore the last backup when your ancestry sync was working okay. If nothing works, you must contact the tech and get help through ‘Live Chat.’

How To Get Through A Direct Live Chat?

To get the syncing issues resolved, you can directly Live Chat with the available agents, and they will help you accordingly. But for this, you need to read the sync through recommended troubleshooting steps to prepare for your chat session.

You need to first go to the link. Then on the search field, enter ‘Sync’ then press to return. Next, you got to read the articles on Sync Best Practices and troubleshooting.

Now on the search field, enter the ‘Live Chat’ Go to open the Live Chat article.  This blog has a direct line to go to Live Chat along with the timings when the desk is open for a Live Chat.

We hope you have all the solutions to the ancestry media sync issue. But, if not so, and you have some other related queries feel free to contact Family Tree Maker Support Live immediately without hesitation.

You can contact our Family Tree Maker Support Number to resolve your issue. In addition, we provide phone support 24×7. The Family Tree Maker Support’s number is +1-888-299-3207. So you can call for help. 

Learn to:-  download a Family Tree from Ancestry.

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