How to download a tree from an ancestry account?

download tree from ancestry

In this blog, you will learn about How to Download tree from ancestry . If you are facing any kind of problem you can call us our number +1-888-299-3207. If a user has an ancestry tree and wants to download, they should follow the instruction below. There are several ways to download a tree.

Follow the instruction if a user has Family Tree Maker 2019: –

Please sign in to ancestry in family tree maker. If you are using family tree maker 2019 then you may see the interface displayed below in the plan workspace.

download a tree from an ancestry

Please click on an option that says Download tree from ancestry .  You will get the screen where you will see a list of a family trees created by you. You can choose the tree you like to download and download it in your family tree maker.

Note: If you are not using Family tree maker and using Family tree maker 2017 or an older version then you may not be able to sign in to your ancestry account in your family tree maker.

What if the user has multiple trees with the same? How to know which tree to upload?

Good question, as soon as you click on download a tree from ancestry. You will get a list of tree names. If you see multiple trees with the same name, you will need to click on each name and upload the tree which has a maximum number of people, media, and citation.

Note: You should not upload all your tree with the same name as it will become confusing later to work.

How to download a tree from ancestry if a user does not have FTM Software?

If you do not have a family tree maker and if your trees are on ancestry, then you can download your tree in Gedcom format. Ancestry does not allow any other format.

Follow the instruction below to download a tree from ancestry

Please sign in to your ancestry account. As soon as you are logged in to your tree, you will see the image displayed below.

Ancestry Tree

You should select the tree you would like to download and then click on the tree. As soon as you click on the name you will see the options mentioned below.

  1. Tree Overview
  2. Media Gallery
  3. Tree Settings
  4. Sharing

Ancestry Tree Setting

After you click on tree settings you will get another window. If you look left the hand side bottom corner. You will find an option Export Tree.

Export Tree


When you click on Export Tree, ancestry will create a Gedcom file for you to download. Please see the image displayed below.

Download Export tree

If you follow this blog, download a tree from ancestry is as easy as making a pie. This instruction is for windows and mac both the operating system. If you still face a problem downloading a tree then you should contact us.- +1-888-299-3207.

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