Customizing, Formatting and Saving a Chart in FTM 2019 for Windows

If you need to customize, format, and save a chart in FTM 2019 for Windows, then you must read this article. Here, you will find the quick steps for customizing, formatting, and saving the chart in FTM for Windows. So, move ahead and reach out to the FTM professionals for quick help.

Chart In FTM 2019 Preview, You Have To Follow The Steps As Follows:

  • You need to go to the arrow to fit the chart into the preview pane. You have to make the chart depending on the size of the chart. If it is too small, then you can quickly expand it accordingly.
  • Go to zooming it up to 100% or the actual size of the respective chart. With the help of this, you can zoom the level of your chart depending on your needs. You have to go to the arrow to choose the zoom percentage or simply need to write down the number in the respective box.
  • After that, go to for hiding as well as displaying the page breaks. It would be only available as a layout set as a poster.
  • You can use this for changing the paper size in the page setup.

Also Note That When You Want To Create The Relationship Chart in FTM 2019, You Need To Follow The Steps:

  • You can use this hand tool icon to grab and drag the document around the page.
  • You can use this zoom option to select the zoom level of your respective chart. To do so, click the arrow to choose the zoom percentage or write down the number in the given box.
  • You can use this option for directly zooming in or out.
  • With the help of this option, you need to navigate to various pages of the respective document.
  • You can use this option for viewing your chart as well as a report from the respective distance several times.

Right-clicking options

It totally depends upon the version of FTM. For instance, if you are using a relationship chart, then you will find options for printing, exporting, and sending the Chart in FTM 2019 via email.

After right-clicking on the person box, you can quickly access the preview area of your respective chart. There, you will find various options—just choose the one you want to remove people from. You can also instantly export and print from this window.

To import or export the branch, follow the steps as follows:

For removing the person or entire branch, you need to choose them. After that, you need to right-click on the selected people and then go to remove a person from the chart option. By doing so, you can easily remove the person from the respective chart In FTM 2019. Along with that, you can also use the same method for deleting the people that you have selected from your respective file. Or, simply for exporting those people as own three, you have to select individuals as well as the entire chart. Go finally to export from the respective window there.

To make a generation, follow the steps as follows:

You need to give a right click on the people that you are willing to mark. After that, you have to quickly right-click and then go to the mark-selected option. Finally, you need to choose the marking option there. Finally, go ahead with the box and line styles for changing the appearance to your respective liking.

Chart options icons

You need to move ahead to the chart options panel mentioned to the right of the respective chart preview. There are various options that one can use:

  • Items to include: This will help in adding the facts that you have correctly entered into the respective tree. Along with that, you can also select to include only preferred facts, include black facts, include sources, and many more. After that, finally, go to the ok option and then the chart will automatically get updated on your device.

To add the fact, you need to go to a blue plus sign. But if you need to remove the fact, then go to the red X option. But if you need to change the order, then go to the fact that you need to move. You have to then move the up and down arrows to change its appearance.

  • Fonts: You can easily change the font option by simply clicking on the second icon. Go to fonts, and then this will open the windows. You can easily change the font, text style, style, colour, and alignment of your font. You need to choose the styles and ten modify them accordingly.
  • Box and line styles: If you are willing to highlight specific people, then go to the icon for the box as well as line styles. You can easily add as well as remove the borders, and then you can instantly add a different background colour. After finishing them, go ahead to the ok option quickly.
  • Header and Footer: This will help you customize the top as well as the bottom of your respective chart. Also, note that the chart note will be easily shown at the respective bottom of the chart quickly. Also, if you want, you can easily select to print created with a family tree maker statement. After that, go to the ok option there.

Insert Image or Text box

You can instantly add an image or text box by simply choosing Insert a text box. If you want to insert an image from a media collection, then you need to add it to its family tree file simply. Finally, you have to choose the image and go to the ok option. But if you need to insert family from the file, then you need to quickly browse the entire computer to find the image for adding to your respective chart. In case you need to resize the image, then you have to tap on the respective image and then go ahead to the cursor over the respective boxes mentioned in the bottom right-hand corner. Click on the boxes to adjust the size of the respective image, as well as choose the entire image for relocating on your respective chat.

There Are Various Options Mentioned In the Chart in FTM 2017:

Reset ImageIt will restore the image quickly.
Move to front/backThis allows you to move the image to the respective top, font, bottom, and back.
Move forward/backwardThis tool will help in bringing the image one step as well as layer forward or backward.
LayoutThis tool will control the way the image is displayed inside the respective box.
BorderThis tool will help in adding the single as well as double border to the respective box for the respective image.
AlignmentYou can quickly choose multiple items instantly.
Makes the same sizeThis tool will help in choosing the multiple items as well as make the size there.
Delete image and selected itemsThis will help in deleting one or more items from the respective page.
Insert Text box

This will help in creating the box and then give a double click on the text for entering the text there. After placing it, you need to double-click on the respective box, and then, finally, you can modify the text the way you want.

Page Setup

If you want to print your chart on non-standard-sized paper, then you can take the help of page setup. This will help you in changing the page orientation. Or, if you are willing to change the white space, then it will show between the respective chart as well as the edge of the respective paper. You can go to the size drop-down list to change the size of the respective paper. You can also go for margins sections for adjusting the respective margin size of the respective chart. Go to the ok option there for page set-up.

Save settings

You can easily save the formatting settings by clicking on the save settings icon. You can also select a new template or use your preferred one to save the settings on your respective device.

Use saved settings

You can use this for accessing the previously saved templates. For creating multiple charts, you need to re-choose every single option mentioned there. You can also go for pre-made templates mentioned there for using your new charts. Also, note that you can use them to stimulate the formatting creativity in FTM.

Save chart

A saved chart allows you to easily save the entire chart. You can save every formatting that you need, and then you need to go to the respective icon that you want to rename. Finally, you have to go ahead and save the option after finishing the respective process. You can easily access the saved charts from the respective collections tab. It would be under workspace, which is again under saved charts.

Chart In FTM 2019 Options

You can find various options under the chart options panel that are just right to the respective chart in ftm 2019 preview. Go ahead and find out the different features that are available in chart options:

  • Chart title

To change the title of your respective chart, you need to go to the chart title field. There, you need to make the changes that you want, and then, finally, you need to hold down the tab mentioned on the keyboard to apply the respective changes. Go to the save chart icon finally. You can also use it for renaming as well as saving the file.

  • Layout

You will find two options in layout- books and posters. With the help of a poster, you can put the whole chart into the respective set number of generations that would be per page. And it will also help in putting the whole chart into a large poster quickly. And if you use a book, then it will show the set number of generations that would be again per page. Along with that, you can use spacing, generation, and backgrounds as pictures in FTM.

Align nodes

This will help you specify where the lines connect to the respective node in the chart. Each record will be considered a node. Since the root has been connected to the two parent nodes, you need to go to the top.


It helps in including more generations on a single page. You will find various checkboxes mentioned at the bottom of the respective options. They will help you in customizing the chart. You need to look for the same; that would totally depend on the layout that you have selected. It will also depend on the chart:

  • Centre tree on page: It centers the chart vertically within the poster. If it is not selected correctly, the chart will start in the top-left corner of the respective poster.
  • Include empty branches: It helps in allowing you to include the blank branches of the respective tree. You have to then go to the respective tree in which you have failed to write down the complete details.
  • Show generation labels: These consist of the boxes at the top of the respective chart. It is beneficial to have a more extensive chart. This will not immediately tell you what the relationship to the root person is.
  • Include siblings of the primary individual: This allows you to easily include brothers and sisters in the respective report.
  • Includes spouses: You can also add spouses to your respective report.

Boxes overlap page breaks

It is helpful to get your chart printers on larger paper as you have planned. It will help you manage the spaces between the individuals and a single sheet. Also, if you need to print the chart on standard-sized paper, you can instantly uncheck the option.

General chart

You can use the reset icon to reset the marking, removed person, and box locations. To reset the settings, you need to go ahead and use save settings. There, you need to choose the default template option.

Person locator

You need to choose the root person button. After choosing it, you can instantly go to the person that you have selected prior to generating the respective chart. Along with that, if you want, you can easily choose the list of all people in the chart. You can quickly go to the drop-down menu that is just right of the respective button.

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