Getting the FTM 2019 24.0.1 Updater Family Tree Maker

In This Addition, we will discuss Family Tree Maker New Update 24.0.1. Getting the FTM 2019 24.0.1 Updater Family Tree Maker. If you need any help, you can call our Family Tree Maker Support Experts.

Version History – Family Tree Maker 2019

In Oct 2019, Version 24.0 (Build 230) – Original version released.

In Nov 2019, Version 24.0.1 (Build 252) – First update released.

About The FTM 2019 24.0.1 Updater

This free update includes the significant changes developed together with Ancestry and FamilySearch.

Ancestry – Orange Status:

This update removes the unwanted effects of syncing a second time after a failed sync that prompted to go to orange status for five weeks.

After you install this update, you can resume syncing as though the weather were already green again, even though that will not happen for another few days.


This update provides matching changes to those made by FamilySearch that will help to avoid crushing their servers. After this update, FamilySearch will make matching changes on their side.

Who Should Get This FTM 2019 24.0.1 Updater?

If you use FTM 2019, you need this update 24.0.1. And if you

Before You Update

  • Make sure FTM 2019 is installed on your computer system. The updater will check for FTM 2019 version 24.0 (build 230) before running.
  • Sync your Family Tree Maker trees to Ancestry before running the update.
  • Compact and Back up your trees on Family Tree Maker.

How to get the 24.0.1 Updater

 You can get the free 24.0.1 update in the following way:

  • In your email – You might have received an email update if you have already installed and registered FTM 2019, including information about the update and a link to the Update Center.
  • Sync weather report. If you try to sync in FTM 2019, you will see a notification in the sync weather report window that has a link to the Update Center.
  • Check for Updates. You can check for updates on FTM 2019 itself. Click on the Help menu on FTM 2019 on your Windows Computer or Click on the Application menu on your Mac device.

To download the update on your computer, follow the on-screen instructions in the Update Center. After you download the updater, close Family Tree Maker 2019 and run the updater you downloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the update

Green Weather:-

Q: Would you get the green weather after the update is installed?

A: Yes, You should see normal sync weather conditions in FTM 2019 after installing the 24.0.1 update, which means it is safe to sync.

Q: Will this update fix the weather on both FTM 2017 and FTM 2019?

A: No. Only on FTM 2019 weather will be green.

Q: How weather is orange for FTM 2017 and green for FTM 2019?

A: Weather is dynamic and changes in different situations.

Q: What about a sync failure while the weather is orange in FTM 2019, is it okay to start syncing?

A: Read the article by clicking here first. Once you read the support article about recovering from a sync failure before you resume syncing.


Q: What about the update if I am using FTM 2017 users?

A: You will get a similar update for FTM 2017.

Q: Do I sync FTM 2017 before migrating to FTM 2019?

A: No. Just back up your FTM 2017 trees and make your next sync on FTM 2019.

Q: How do I know if the update I installed was successful?

A: Click on the About box by selecting About Family Tree Maker from the Help menu on a Windows computer or the Family Tree Maker 2019 menu on a Mac computer.

Q: After downloading the Update, what if the About box still shows an older build?

A: Once you download the update, you must run the updater file to update your copy of FTM 2019 to version 24.0.1.  If you do not get the on-screen instructions, double-click the file you downloaded to install it.

Q: I downloaded the updater, but I can’t find it on my computer. What should I do next?

A: You can search for the file names and file sizes:
On Windows Computer –
File name: FTM2019 Updater01.exe
Size: 129.75 MB
On Mac Computer –
File name: FTM2019 Updater01.dmg
Size: 272.70 MB

Q: After the update was completed, I could not find my trees in the Plan workspace. What should I do?

A: Click on File and then click on Open to open the trees that are not listed one by one to add them back again


Q: After I install the update, how do I use Charting Companion 7 in FTM 2019?

A: After the 24.0.1 update, Charting Companion 7 should show up under Plugins as usual. If you encounter problems, you can try reinstalling the plugin. If you need more help troubleshooting Charting Companion 7, please click here.

Q: Do I have to do anything to get Family Book Creator to work in FTM 2019 after the update?

A: Family Book Creator plugins should run as usual after applying the 24.0.1 update.  However, if you run into any problems, try to reinstall the plugin. If you think you need more troubleshooting help for Family Book Creator, please click here.

Q: Will my FTM 2019 24.0 files be converted again?

A: No, the original release and the update are of the same format, so there is no conversion needed.

Q: What to do after there is a problem with the 24.0.1 update?

A: You can contact the support technicians on the phone and on chat. Support is available 24/7.

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