TreeVault Cloud Services FAQ

TreeVault Cloud Services FAQ

In this Blog you will learn about to answer most common question you have about the new TreeVault Cloud Services.

TreeVault Cloud Services FAQ :-

Q: Does TreeVault Antenna tree replaces Ancestry tree?

A: No, it does not. TreeVault Antenna Tree uploads the exact copy of your FTM 2019 tree including the Change Log and web links. It helps in restoring the tree from the TreeVault Cloud Service or using the FTM connect app on any handheld device like iPhone or iPad.

However, with the FamilySync feature of FTM 2019, you can sync an Ancestry tree with an FTM tree on one or more computers.  This can be useful for getting Ancestry hints within Family Tree Maker and to keep your research up to date online and share with others easily. You can also use it with AncestryDNA.

Tree backed up on Ancestry can help to recover a lost or damaged tree, but it is not as complete as your TreeVault Antenna tree would be.

Q: Is TreeVault like Dropbox (a cloud storage service)?

A: No.  A cloud storage service is as up to date as the last time you uploaded your files on it. But with TreeVault cloud service, your Antenna tree is up-to-the-minute. It updates real-time as you amend your Family Tree Maker tree.

With TreeVault Storage Service, you can view your TreeVault Antenna tree on the free FTM Connect mobile app. The Antenna tree has the change log, which means you can not only restore your tree, but also do the roll back to make corrections.

Q: Is TreeVault Cloud Services and Antenna tree secure?

A: Like Ancestry, TreeVault use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud storage, one of the leading and most secure providers. Your family history data is private and protected with TreeVault and Antenna Tree.

FTM Connect App – Family Tree Maker 2019

Q: Who else can access my Antenna tree?

A: You can access it only, except in case of any technical issue, we access it with your approval. You can connect to TreeVault and download an emergency copy of your Antenna tree.

Q: Is Antenna tree can be shared with anyone?

A: It cannot be shared at present. May be in future updates, it can be shared. However, you can show your Antenna tree to others in person while using the FTM Connect app.

You can upload your tree to Ancestry and then you can share it as an alternative. It is separate from TreeVault.

Q: Can I upload multiple trees on TreeVault?

A: You can upload only one tree on TreeVault currently. You must keep the updated working tree on the TreeVault to restore it using the Emergency Tree Restore and FTM Connect.

Now, We hope that the above-mention information and guide are helpful to get you start with the TreeVault Cloud Services in your FTM.  However, in case you face any problem while going  the use TreeVault Cloud Services faq you can always contact the specialists at Family Tree Maker Support Number. And the team will definitely give you the best resolutions that are reliable.

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