How To Transfer FTM 2019 to a New Computer


Transfer FTM 2019 to a new computer

In Addition, we will discuss How to Transfer FTM 2019 to a new computer. If you use more than one device for the program, Mackiev has the family pack option for multiple devices.

Back up your family tree maker 

This is recommended to all Family Tree Maker users. If you are moving your FTM from one to another computer. Please take a full backup of your data on a USB flash drive and Family Tree Maker. You can also use an external hard drive.

The user should keep the data back up on an external device. If you do not know, how to back up your FTM files then call us. We will get it done for you.

Transfer FTM 2019 To A New Computer

  • Firstly, you need a family pack license to use the Family Tree Maker 2019 on multiple computers. You can use the Family Pack license for up to 3 devices.
  • You can use a family pack license on both operating systems (Windows/Mac)
  • Since the Transfer, FTM 2019 offers Tree Vault service, so by creating up to 3 accounts. You can back up the same tree on this online backup account and also use FTM Connect on 3 handheld devices.
  • To install the family pack on the other devices is easy. Browse through your email and find the download link, in case of the online version of FTM 2019, and please click the link. On the other device Let us say, if the other computer is in the basement or upstairs you can forward the same email to another device to download the copy.
  •  In the case of, the email which contains the download link you mistakenly delete it, and somehow you lost it. Even then you do not have to panic offers you to download the copy from the upgrade center.
  • Simply, search for the FTM2019 upgrade center on the web search using your browser. You get the link to click on and input your information to download the copy.
  • Once you download the program successfully. You can restore the tree from the Tree Vault or copy the tree backup on a media drive and import the backup file to the new or the other machine.

We provide support for Family Tree Maker 2019 software. If You like us get your FTM 2019 transfer. Then you can visit our website Family Tree maker software support or you can call us at our toll-free number +1-888-299-3207.

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  1. I have had to purchase a new computer. I already purchased FTM 2019 in 2019. I would like to download FTM 19 to my new computer. Not sure how to prove I already have it.


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