Learn To Transfer FTM 2019 To A New Computer – Get Instant help

Transfer FTM 2019 to a new computer

In this blog, you will learn how to Transfer FTM 2019 to a new computer. If your computer is not working or if you have a new computer that you want to use, you can follow the steps below to transfer your Family Tree Maker 2019. So, let’s learn how to Transfer FTM 2019 to a new computer.

Transfer FTM 2019 To A New Computer

  • Back up your tree data.
  • Download Family Tree Maker to a new computer
  • Install a free Family Tree Maker 2019 copy.
  • Transfer your data from an old to a new computer.

1. How To Back Up Your Tree File?

There are three ways you can back up your tree. Please follow the steps below. We suggest you use an external hard disk or flash drive since we will transfer the files to a new computer.

  1. Please open the Family Tree Maker 2019. Click on the file tab and then click on backup. You will get a small window to select the location. Please choose your external hard disk (flash drive).

backup FTM 21019

And then click on OK. Once you click on OK, your file will be saved on the external hard disk. You can now quickly move it to the tile computer.

  1. Click on File and Filek on export. When you export a tree, you can select the entire file or individual files. You can also protect this file using a file password.

Click OK, and a new window will appear, asking you to select the location where the file will be saved. Please select the flash drive or external hard disk.

Export FTM Files

  1. The default folder in FTM is the family tree maker saved in the documents folder. Please right-click on it, click on copy, or hold the control key and press C. Once you copy it, you can save the file to aFileternal hard disk.

2. How do you get a free Family Tree Maker 2019 copy and Install it on a new computer?

  • Please go to the MacKiev Family Tree Maker replacement center for a free copy of your Family Tree Maker 2019. You can also go to the Family Tree Maker 2019 upgrade center. When you are on the Family Tree Maker 2019 replacement center page, It will ask you to type your name, email address, country, state, and the version you purchased.

FTM 2019 Upgrade center

  • Click Verify User to verify yourself as a purchaser of Family Tree Maker. Please make sure to enter the correct email address. Else, you will not be able to get the free copy.
  • Once you are verified, keep clicking on next until you get the window to enter your information again to purchase FTM. Do not worry—the cost is USD 0.00, which means you will not pay anything.

You will get two links for the Family Tree Maker 2019 download. You can download FTM 2019 on your Windows or Mac computers. Download and install the Family Tree Maker and import your data from the external hard disk.

3. How do you import tree data from the flash drive to the family tree maker?

  • Open FTM software and then click on the Select Tree tab (it is at the top left corner of your computer screen). You will then have the option to click on the tree browser. Please click on it and then click on browse, as mentioned in the image below.

Import your FTM Tree

Select the folder where our family tree data, which we copied from the old computer, is saved. That is how you can import Family Tree Maker data. If you have Ancestry, you can sign in to Ancestry and download the tree from Ancestry to Family Tree Maker.


Question:- Can Family Tree Maker be installed on two computers?
Answer: Yes, a family tree maker can be installed on three computers as long as the user is only one person. You can use the family Pack of Family Tree Maker 2019 if you have multiple people.

Question:- Is the Family Tree Maker 2019 manual available now?
Answer: Yes, if you want to purchase it. Please note that MacKiev’s previous orders have yet to be delivered. So please order after checking with MacKiev.

Question:- Is transferring Family Tree Maker files from one computer to another hard?
Answer:- If you are computer savvy, then no. It is easy; please follow the process mentioned above.

We provide support for Family Tree Maker 2019 software. If You like us, get your FTM 2019 transfer. Then, you can visit our Family Tree Maker Support website or call us at our FTM toll-free number +1-888-257-3335.

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What’s New in the FTM 2019 24.2 Update

FTM 2019 New Update 24.2

This article will teach about the FTM 2019 New Update 24.2 version. We will explain why it is essential for users to update the software and what is included in this fix. Users can also learn how to upgrade or update the software free of charge.

Note: In the past few months, we have received many complaints that the software needs to be synced with ancestry or getting other issues. This article is written on the 21st of February, 2023.

FTM 2019 New Update 24.2

What will this update patch fix?

Version 24.2 update will fix many issues, including login page issue with ancestry, sync issue with ancestry, FamilySearch browse issue, etc. In addition, MacKiev has added new relationship managing tools as well with this patch. So, if you have the version mentioned below, then you should update your software.

  • FTM version 24.0 – This was the first release.
  • FTM Version 24.0.1 – MacKiev released the first-ever update in November 2019, and it was built 252.
  • FTM Version 24.1 was the second update MacKiev released in August 2022.
  • FTM Version 24.2 – This is the version discussed in this article.

So, if you have FTM24.0, 24.0.1 or 24.1, you should update your software to version 24.2. There is no charge for the software.

What will it fix in the Windows operating system?

  1. Ancestry – Unknown spouse issues have been fixed with this patch. Once you update the software, the sync issue will be resolved. You will also not be getting grey hints if you install the patch.
  2. FamilySearch – The browsing issue in FamilySearch has been addressed and fixed.
  3. The lifespan in the Index is fixed. So now you can see the correct dates in the index. Also, the Tree pedigree view is fixed.
  4. Export from the chart using the intelligent filter.

What are other fixes that you get?

PDF thumbnails are now listed correctly in the media space. In addition, source citations will be evident after this update.

How do I get the update for the software?

Recently, MacKiev sent an email with a link and instructions to update the software. If you have not received the email or if you have deleted the email, then you should click the link as mentioned in the blog. Then, please click here to install the updater. You will see the image below as soon as you click the link.

ftm 2019 new update

You must fill in your information and click on verify the user. Then, please follow the on-screen instructions and download the patch for Family Tree Maker 2019.

Who should install this update?

The update is for those users who are using FTM19 version 24.0, version 24.0.1 or version 24.1. If you are using FTM17 or an older version than FTM17, then you may not need to install this update. However, you may need to upgrade to FTM19.

What would you get with this new update?

Managing relationship tool – This new tool will help you manage facts and relationships with an unknown spouse.

FTM 2019 New Update 24.2 FAQ:-

Question:- What is the charge for the version 24.2 update?

Answer:- There is no charge. MacKiev has sent an email with a link to download the updater. Similarly, you can go to the update centre to download the updater.

Question:- What if I have Family Tree Maker 2005?

Answer:- You will need to purchase a newer version of FTM. Please note that FTM19 is the latest version


If you want to upgrade your Family Tree Maker 2019 program, You can contact us at Family Tree Maker Support to get your issue resolved. We provide phone support 24×7. The Family Tree Maker Support Number is +1-888-257-3335. You can also use our live chat support service from our site.

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