Next of Kin Certificate on Family Tree Maker

Last updated on June 15th, 2023 at 03:24 am

Next of Kin Certificate

You can designate a successor to take care of your family tree, after you. The family history that you have compiled would be accessible to your family member. You can do it easily by appointing a successor to your tree vault account with a Next of Kin Certificate.

TreeVault is a new cloud service in family tree maker. When MacKiev introduced it, they provided it for free but from next year, a user has to pay. Please check with MacKiev for the renewal charge.

Finally, it is a legal document and you can pass it over to the person who wants to take ownership. Besides, a copy of the certificate will allow the person to receive a copy of your family tree maker program and a unique access key. It will be generated by Tree Vault with the instruction to access your account. An appointed person can recover and work on the family history after you.

Here are the steps to create a Next of Kin Certificate:

  1. Log in to the Tree Vault account on your Family Tree Maker 2019.
  2. Then click on the Tree Vaulticon on the main toolbar.
  3. Or in the Tree Vault Cloud Services under the “Current Tree” tab of the “Plan” workspace, select “Next of Kin”.
  4. On the “Next of Kin” tab of the “Tree Vault Account Manager”, click on “Designate Successor”. 
  5. In the “Designated Successor” fields, enter the full legal name and relationship to you of the person who is willing to take over the genealogy or you want to pass it on.
  6. Similarly, in the “Alternate Successor” fields, mention the second person to whom ownership of the account should pass if the first person you have named is unable to take charge of it for any reason.
  7. Then click on “Register Successors”. The names of the person you have appointed will be registered in the secure Tree Vault Next of Kin database
  8. After that, a PDF file of the Next of Kin certificate generates. 
  9. If you want to create a printed copy of the certificate that you want to include with a will or give it to your designated successor, further you can click on the Print Certificate button.

This is how you can get the Next of Kin Certificate to the person you want to. If you need any help, you call our support team to get phone or remote support.


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