Next of Kin Certificate on Family Tree Maker

Next of Kin Certificate

Now, to ensure that your family history, which you have compiled, remains accessible to family members who are part of your legacy, which can be enjoyed and added to by the generation to come, you can easily choose to designate a successor to your TreeVault account with a Next of Kin certificate.

You should know that this legally valid document can be passed on to a family member, and they can use it to take over ownership of your TreeVault account and FTM license. Moreover, the certificate provided allows your designated successor to receive a copy of Family Tree Maker. This unique key is generate by TreeVault and instructions on how to get entry to the account so that they can retrieve and preserve your Family Tree.

The following are the steps for creating a ‘Next of Kin Certificate’

  1. You must first make sure that you have logged in your TreeVault account.
  2. After that, you will need to click on the ‘Tree Vault’ icon that is on the main toolbar or in the ‘TreeVault Cloud Services panel right under the ‘Current Tree’ section of the ‘Plan’ workspace, and then you just need to choose the option that says ‘Next of Kin’.
  3. And now, when you are on the ‘Next of Kin’ tab of the ‘TreeVault Account Manager, ’ you have to click on the ‘Designate Successor’ option.
  4. Next, in the ‘Designated Successor’ fields, you will need to enter the full legal name and relationship they have with you of the person to whom you would like to pass down ownership of your TreeVault account.
  5. And then, in the ‘Alternate Successor’ fields, you can do just the same for a second person to whom ownership of the account has to be passed on if the first person that you have named is unable to take charge of it for whatever reasons.

The following image should give you a clearer vision of how it should be filled out.

Next Of Kin Certificate

6. After doing so, you should click on the ‘Register Successors’ option; the names of the person or people that you have design are register in the secure TreeVault Next of Kin database, and a PDF file of the Next of Kin certificate will be created in no time.

7. You will now have to do one of the following instructions;

  • If you want to create a printed copy of the certificate that you can also include with a will or give it to your designated successor right away, then you should click on the ‘Print Certification’ button.
  • If you would like to save the file on your computer to print it later or share it electronically, click the ‘Save Certificate’ button.

Furthermore, if at any point you decide to change either or both of the people you have designated, it’s very simple and easy. You need to go to the ‘Next of Kin’ tab in the TreeVault Account Manager section as instructed above, click on ‘Change Successors’, and then proceed from step 4 onwards.

We believe that after reading through the above steps, you will be able to create a Next of Kin certificate without any difficulty. However, in case you encounter any issues or you have other related queries, feel free to contact Family Tree Maker Customer Support without any hesitation. A great team of technicians will be available to guide you with suitable information.

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