Troubleshooting TreeVault Issues

Last updated on May 20th, 2023 at 12:54 am

Troubleshooting TreeVault Issues

In this article, we will discuss Troubleshooting TreeVault Issues on Family Tree Maker 2019.

Troubleshooting TreeVault Issues

Connection issue:

You will get an alert message on your computer screen if you are unable to connect to the server while trying to log in to the TreeVault account, creating your Antenna tree, opening TreeVault Account Manager, opening TreeVault pane and restoring FTM source tree.

The connection issue comes up in two scenarios. Firstly, the server is down due to maintenance. Secondly, and most common is your internet connectivity is hampered.

When the server is down due to maintenance, you get to see the error message like “Service is temporarily unavailable” or Connection to TreeVault Cloud Service is unavailable”.

TreeVault Account issue:

You might not be able to perform couple of things if your TreeVault account is currently in use. Like when you are creating an Antenna Tree or restoring your FTM source tree. In both the scenarios, you will see a message that your “TreeVault account is in use”.

Tree related issue:

While creating or updating tree, you may get an alert message to “Compact and Try Again”. It might be a problem with FTM Source Tree. Likewise, if there is a problem with Antenna tree, it can prevent restoration of source tree while using the Emergency Tree Restore. You might be ask to send the error report.

Next of Kin Account Locked:

Once you create a Next of Kin certificate and your successor try to activate the Next of Kin service, your TreeVault account get lock out. You will not be able to log into your TreeVault account. In case of you are already logged into the TreeVault account, you can not create an Antenna Tree, cannot delete it, and cannot update your Antenna Tree.

These are the issue which come up on the TreeVault account and you must contact 24×7 support to speak to an Family Tree Maker expert to get this issue resolve.

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