Family Tree Maker for Multiple Computers

Family Tree for Multiple Computers

What if you have multiple computers?

For example, if you have multiple computers and you want to use Family Tree on all of them? You need to buy the Family pack to use the license on up to three devices.

We use the Family Tree Maker on one Windows laptop and on MacBook Pro or iMac. Using Family Tree Maker on other devices requires the license for that device. And getting multiple licenses is not at all expensive.

By buying the economical Family Pack, you get 3 Computer License of Family Tree Maker. In addition, it costs $20 to buy a family pack.

The license for one pc is $79.99 for online download, and Family Pack for up to 3 computers would be twenty dollar more ($79.99+$20.00=$99.99 for online download up to three devices).

  • You can install it on up to three computers.
  • It can be a combination of Windows PC / laptop or MacBook Pro or iMac.
  • In case you are using Family Tree Maker on a desktop and laptop on the same platform with a single user, there is no need of buying Family Pack.

How to buy Family Pack for Multiple Computers

You can buy a family pack license on the website. For instance, there are two scenarios where you buy the family pack.

When you already bought one license and want to add more devices or when you do not have the license for FTM 2019 yet and want to buy the three licenses in one go.

  • Visit to buy the FTM 2019
  • Click on buy now
  • You will three options to buy the FTM 2019 –

Online Download, with CD/DVD & with USB

  • When you chose which out of the three options you for, click on next
  • On the next screen, you can go for the family pack and complete the order

Above all, If you already have bought FTM 2019 license and want to get a family tree pack for multiple computers, go to FTM 2019 upgrade center and verify your credentials and click on the next screen to opt for the family pack.

For any further help, Call us our  family tree maker support Number +1-888-299-3207 or Live Chat with our Family Tree maker Experts.

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3 thoughts on “Family Tree Maker for Multiple Computers”

  1. If I install the family pac of Family Tree Maker on both my iMac and PC, can I transfer files between the two computers as I update my genealogy work on one computer or the other?

  2. I do not currently have FTM 2019 but an older version. My niece and I both are interested in
    purchasing FTM 2019, but seem to have trouble finding the answers to a couple questions.
    1) Do i need to purchase a subscription to to use this search feature on FTM 2019?

    2) Can I let someone else in my family in a different home access the FTM 2019 tree I have built?

    3) Does FTM 2019 have the old feature of letting you print your entire tree of peoples names and give you the family
    relationship of each to a certain person?
    As soon as I can get the answers to these questions i will be ready to purchase.
    Thank you for your help.
    robyn doll


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