Family Tree Maker Chart And Reports in FTM

Family Tree maker chart

If you are on this blog, then I must say you are a Family Tree Maker lover. You love to make your family tree maker chart and showcase your family history among your family and friends.

Creating your family chart and organizing it is fun to do. Managing and organizing FTM charts is never easy, but FTM makes it easier for family tree maker users. However, it is not easy to create these charts manually on paper. 

Family Tree Maker Charts And Reports

if you put your family information in family tree maker, you may want to create reports or charts. FTM has many options for users to create charts or reports. All you need to do is go to publish space; from there, you can choose the kind of charts you want to create. 

Here are the options for creating all the charts in Family Tree Maker 2019.

  1. Pedigree Chart – You can display direct bloodline ancestors, which the user can print. 
  2. Descendent Chart – This is for the descendent report. So if you select yourself as a person and create a descendent report, all your descendent will be in the report.
  3. Relationship Chart – To find the relationship between two people or person between two persons.
  4. Family Tree Chart – For family charts include ancestors.
  5. Hourglass Chart – It includes all ancestors and descendent of the selected person and keeps ancestors above and descendent down in the report.
  6. Vertical Pedigree chart – This chart displays only direct bloodline ancestors.
  7. Horizontal Hourglass chart – In this report, you will get all descendent of the selected person, ancestors, siblings and spouses. Charts keep the ancestors right and descendent left.
  8. Bow Tie Chart – In this report, you will get a direct line of ancestors, paternal ancestors left and maternal to the right.
  9. Extended Family Chart – You will include all your family members in this report.
  10. Fan Chart – Here, an arching fan displays all direct bloodline ancestors.

You can also create reports using family tree maker software. Finally, if you want, you can create books about your family history. We have covered all the charts and reports in the FTM software.

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Custom Reports in Family Tree Maker Software

Last updated on January 3rd, 2023 at 11:51 pm

Custom report in Family tree maker

This blog will teach us to create Custom Reports in Family Tree Maker software. If you are trying to create custom reports, follow the blog to get a better idea. 

Family Tree Maker has many default reports, but when a user wants to get a report with burial records or reports for the dead person with cemetery information. They should always use custom reports in Family Tree Maker. Before creating these Custom Reports in Family Tree Maker, you must ensure you have enough information about the person saved in your tree. In this report, you can add as much information as you want to the account.

Please Follow The Steps Below For A Custom Report In Family Tree Maker

  1. Open your Family tree maker software.
  2. Select a tree that you want to work with.
  3. Click on Publish.
  4. Please select the person’s report. In addition, you can find custom reports in the person report tab.
  5. You can rename the report. The report title box allows you to change the name of the custom report.
  6. Users can select the background of the report. FTM provides predefined images; users can also add pictures in the background.
  7. You can select the type of report you want. For example, you can select immediate family, extended family, all individuals, or selected individuals.
  8. You can also change the fonts, set the header and footers of your reports, report page set up, and save settings. These tabs are on the top right-hand side of your FTM screen.
  9. Click on create a report.
  10. You can put a name for your report in the report title box.

Note: “Items to include” allows you to access customer information to add what you want to your Custom Reports in Family Tree Maker.

Custom report in Family Tree maker

Please click the icon that the arrow points to in the image above. You will get another window with options to add more facts to your report if you want to.

We have added an image below for an example. You can also add more facts and select fact options for your report.

Facts and other item in the custom report

Custom Reports In FTM FAQ 

Question:- Where does Family Tree Maker save reports?

Answer:- It saves in the FTM folder and can be accessed within FTM publish space.

Question:- How to Print a report in family tree maker?

Answer:- Once you generate a report, there is a print button in the top right corner. Click the print button to print your report.

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If you need assistance with Custom Reports in Family Tree Maker, you can contact MacKiev or our support line so you can get help. We are excellent support, and we charge for our services. So please chat or call our Family Tree Maker Support Number at +1-888-299-3207.

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