Custom Reports in Family Tree Maker Software

Custom report in Family tree

Family Tree Maker has many default reports but when a user wants to get a report with burial records or reports for the dead person with cemetery information. They should always use custom reports.

Before you create these reports, you need to make sure you have enough information about the person saved in your tree. For example, you want to create a report for 10 people or all dead people. You need to make sure to put date a person was born and the dead person was dead and was buried also in the description box, you should put detailed information. When you have detailed information on your FTM, your report will have the proper information as well.

Please follow the steps below for Custom report in Family tree

  1. Open your Family tree maker software.
  2. Select a tree that you want to work on.
  3. Click on Publish
  4. Please select person reports. You can find custom reports in person report tab.
  5. You can put a name for your report.
  6. Next thing, you need to click on “Items to include”

Note: Items to include gives you option to custom information so you can add what you want to add in your report.

You can add all the facts that you want to add to your report. Select the item and click on okay.

  1. In this step, you need to select the individual person for the report. You need to click on “selected individuals”. You will have a window where you can filter individual.
  1. Click on “Äll Facts”. In search where you need to choose the burial facts and description field. As I said in the start, make sure you have the proper information in description so your report will look good. Select “contains” in the next step and choose the cemetery and click on okay. This will display all individual who was buried in this cemetery.

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If you need assistance for Family Tree – Custom reports, you can try to contact MacKiev or our support line so you can get help. We are premium support and we charge for our services. So please chat with our Family Tree Maker Experts.

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