Family Tree Maker Chart and Reports in FTM

Family Tree maker chart

If you are on this blog, then I must say you are a family tree maker lover. You love to make your family tree maker chart and showcase your family history among your family and friends.

Creating your family chart and organizing it is fun to do. As you know it is never easy to manage and organize FTM charts but FTM makes it easier for family tree maker user. It is not easy to create these charts manually on paper. 

Learn More About Family Tree Maker Charts

if you are putting your family information in family tree maker then you may want to create reports or charts. FTM has many options for user to create charts or reports. All you need to do is to go to publish space and from there you can choose the kind of charts you want to create. 

Here are few well known few charts 

  1. Pedigree Charts – You can display blood line ancestor.
  2. Descendent Charts – This is for descendent report.
  3. Relationship Charts – To find relationship between two person or person between two persons.
  4. Family Tree Charts – For family charts, this includes ancestors.

You can also create reports using family tree maker software. If you want, you can create books of your family history. We have covered the all charts and reports which is in the FTM software.

Please read our blog Family tree charts and reports

If you are not able to create charts, reports or a book and if you need help then call us. We provide expert service that could help you get your genealogy research to next level. you can contact us for family tree maker tech support. You just need to call on our toll-free number: – +1-888-299-3207

Note: we, Tane Innovative concepts LLC charge for our services. We are not MacKiev or Ancestry. 

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