Broken media in FTM and re-link media

Broken media in FTM

Cause 1:-

You had a picture and you uploaded to a person record in family tree maker. Later you deleted that media from your computer so computer can not find that picture. This is one of the reasons, Family tree maker will not be able to find that media. Since item is not available. that the region You are facing Broken media in FTM issue. 

Cause 2 :– You had picture on an external hard disk. Either hard disk is removed or corrupted and now family tree maker is not able to find media.

So how to fix Broken media in FTM:- 

You can always try to search media file using second option. “Let Family Tree Maker Search for this file”. This option will try to search for the media file by itself. If you know the file location then, you can always choose first option and select the media.

Note: if Family Tree Maker finds the media file, it will re-link your media by itself.

If your media file is deleted. Please find the media or the image and save it to your computer. Go to search media again and select the file that you have save file. This will re-link your media file again. This will fix your media broken link problem. If it does not work, please chat with our  family tree maker support Technician. So our technician can help you fix this issue.

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