Using The Find Missing Media Tool In FTM 2019

Suppose you want to know how to use the find missing media tool in FTM for Mac. Please read this content from start to end and follow the steps. This content will help you quickly find the missing tool in FTM for Mac. We hope you are one of the users who like to utilize the FTM tool. So, move ahead and read the steps guide by guide to know how to use the find missing media tool in FTM for Mac.

The Steps To Find Missing Media Tool In FTM :

  • First, Click on the media button from the main toolbar. After that, the Media workspace will be opened on your respective device.
  • There, on the current links of the tree, you will find a list of some tools of FTM.
  • Choose the checkboxes that are just next to the individual items that you need.
  • After that, click on the option mentioned in the Select All tab.
  • It will help if you click on Select All. It will select all the missing media.
  • Click on search. Now, the FTM tool for missing media will try to search for media and link them to your missing media.
  • After that, a checkmark will appear in the status column.
  • If you do not see missing media, then you will need to search it manually and link your missing media.
  • Finally, after following the on-screen prompts, tap on the ok button to complete the respective process.

After following the above steps, we hope you can instantly find missing media in FTM for Mac. However, if something is bothering you related to FTM, then without wasting any more time, you are suggested to contact family Tree Maker support anytime you want.

Our professionals are available 24 hours a day. They will assist you with the best solution, so reach them instantly for instant guidelines. Call our Family Tree Maker Support Number at +1-888-257-3335, or you can Live Chat with our FTM Experts.

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