Uploading and Downloading Trees From Ancestry

Last updated on May 20th, 2023 at 12:54 am

Uploading and Downloading Trees

You can easily uploading and downloading family trees on your device. For uploading as well as downloading trees, you need to follow this content quickly. Here, you will find the simple steps for uploading and downloading trees. So, move ahead:

Uploading And Downloading Trees

Download Tree From Ancestry, You Need To Follow The Steps As Follows:

  • You need to first of all, move ahead to the page on ancestry.
  • Go ahead to the trees tab there.
  • You need to choose a tree and then need to go to the tree name.
  • You can find it at the top-left corner and then need to choose tree settings.
  • You have to go ahead to export tree and then the button will start spinning.
  • You need to then go to download your GEDCOM file and then need to move to the drop-down menu.
  • Choose save as, save target as, or save link as option.
  • Finally, you need to select the location and then have to go to save option instantly.

Also, You Can Easily Upload The Tree To Ancestry By Following The Steps As Follows:

  • You need to first of all, move to choose file or browse.
  • Go to GEDCOM file and then need to go to open.
  • You are required to then write down the name for the respective tree in the given field.
  • For making the tree private, you need to then uncheck make my family tree public.
  • Go to the description and then write down there and then have to accept terms and conditions.
  • Finally, the new tree will get opened in the trees tab.

Thus, after following the above steps, you can instantly upload as well as download trees. In case of any issues related to Family tree, you need to reach the team now. So, contact them quickly for getting rid of such issues in an instant time, so reach them and get 100% guidelines.

You can call us our Family Tree Maker Support Toll-Free Number +1-888-299-3207.

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