Constant Orange Sync weather – Family Tree Maker 2019 (Updated – May 2023)

Orange sync weather issue

If you are a family tree maker 2019 user, you may see continuous orange sync weather Issue since April 2023. Do not try to sync your tree to ancestry if you see the orange sync weather Issue. If you think it is essential for you to sync your tree, then take a complete backup of it and then sync it. If your sync attempt fails continuously, you should report to MacKiev.

What is the development on fixing orange sync weather Issue?

We chatted with MacKiev customer service and called Ancestry on behalf of our customers. Here is what we know. MacKiev and Ancestry developers are working together to resolve this issue, but they are yet to determine the exact date to fix it. However, they do blame each other for this problem. Therefore, we are not sure who is responsible for this issue.

Here is what we suggest to users!

Please do not attempt to sync your tree if you have orange weather status. Likewise, please only download or upload a new tree once the status is green. Keep a copy of your data on an external hard disk, so you will not lose your data.


Question – What if I am a new user of Family Tree Maker and want to download a tree from Ancestry to FTM2019?

Answer – If the status is orange, do not download your tree from Ancestry to FTM. You can create a Gedcom file from ancestry and upload it to FTM2019.

Question – How will I get to know when the issue is fixed?

Answer – I am sure MacKiev will notify everyone. If you are a customer of Tane Innovative Concepts LLC, we will email you to notify you.

If you have more questions about constant orange sync weather, call us our Family Tree Maker Support Number +1-888-299-3207 and get instant answers from us.

Orange Sync Weather Issue on FTM 2019 Instantly

Orange Sync Weather

Last updated on May 20th, 2023 at 12:54 am

Orange Sync Weather :- If you are trying to sync while the weather is orange but facing trouble while doing so then you need to simply wait till the situation gets resolved. Or, if you want quick help then you can instantly talk to the live experts, and then accordingly, they can help you in reviewing the syncing logs and then help to troubleshoot.

Although the experts are working regularly on it to restore the green status. If you are facing issues with the orange status then you must wait till it gets green. Along with that, you can also try to make a manual backup while syncing, uploading, or downloading it properly.

Orange Sync Weather :- About Weather Sync

Sync Weather report help in generating the report every time after syncing the family tree. Also, there is good news for the Family Tree Maker users as the latest version 24.0.1 help everyone to return to normal sync weather conditions.

Also, there are many users who are facing issues while syncing their trees, if you are also one of them then you can directly contact the experts for quick help.

Types of Weather Sync

There are three types of weather reports:

  • Green: Green Weather Report tells that you are syncing your family tree.
  • Orange: If it is showing an orange weather report then it means that there is some issue in the family tree.
  • Red: Red Weather Reports tell you that the sync system has been down and you are supposed to resolve it.


Question:- Does Family Tree Maker 2019 sync with

Answer:- Yes, Family Tree Maker 2019 can be easily synced with

Question:- Does Family Tree Maker Sync with FamilySearch?

Answer:- Yes, Family Tree Maker automatically looks for the FamilySearch database.

Question:- Why is Family Tree Maker hints not working?

Answer:- If the Family Tree Maker hints not working then you need to simply check whether it has been on or off. You can easily check that by moving to menu > preferences and then need to check the checkbox properly.

Technical Help of Family Tree Maker 2019

If you are facing some issues then you need to, first of all, try to compact and then back up the trees. Otherwise, directly contact the experts as they will fix all your issues in just no time, so without any wasting more time, reach them quickly.


If you want to update your family tree maker 2019 program You can contact us Family Tree Maker Support to get your issue resolved. We provide phone support 24×7. Family Tree Maker Support Number is +1-888-299-3207. You can also use our live chat support service from our site.

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