Sync Weather Report in FTM and how to use it

Last updated on May 11th, 2022 at 05:58 am

Sync weather report in FTM

Sync weather report in FTM is in built-in. If you want to use this feature, please read this blog through and through and you will know everything about weather sync.

Each time you try to sync your family tree. Sync weather reports give you a weather report. so you will know when to sync your tree? The entire idea is to make sure a user knows when it a safe time for you to sync your family tree. The sync weather report in FTM gives you a popup message for you to know the right time to sync your tree.

We just don’t have to click through (continue sync) without reading the popped-up window. The feature is safe but reading the entire message is important because you would want to be sure when to sync your family tree maker.

You get three scenarios in the sync weather report: –

1.Green: –

When green windows appear. This means you should ahead and start syncing your tree. This window appears if there is a future sync storm coming your way. When there is a planned maintenance work must be done, the green windows pop up while syncing

2. Orange: –

Orange windows appear when there is a warning or caution. You can sync but the weather report messaging system lets you know about the possible problem ahead

3. Red: –

Appears when the sync is dangerous since the sync system is down. It also tells about the current outage and not allowing you to sync due to the system is down. And it’s not possible until the syncing system is improved, and outages are fixed.

There are issues like: –

1-    You may see some changes on the ancestry site which you don’t have made. Particularly on your first sync.

2-    Such issues are known and are fatal. It may pick up some time stamps which tells you that what has changed and reporting them as real changes.

3-    This feature also tells you about the situation that we are working on ancestry to fix this issue.

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