Free Update for Family Tree Maker2019

In this blog, we have covered Free Update For FTM 2019. Software update is essential. It helps in removing and fixing the bugs. Also adds new features to the software and remove the old unwanted features. You do not want to fall behind the time, right?

Version History- Free Update For FTM 2019

  • Family Tree Maker 2019 launched on September 29th, 2019.
  • It was version FTM 2019 ( 24.0 )  Build 230. It was an original release.
  • Thereafter, the first update came in November 2019.
  • It was version FTM 2019 ( 24.0.1 ) Build 252.

More About Free Update 24.0.1 For FTM 2019 :-

Important changes with Ancestry and FamilySearch have been imbibed in this update patch for Family Tree Maker 2019.

Failed Sync Issue Fixed: Orange Status turned to Green Status

Earlier, in the original release of FTM 2019, there were undesirable effects of syncing the tree a second time after the sync failed with ancestry. This patch update removes the shortfalls of the sync and the orange weather status on the sync.

After installing the latest update, this problem has been sorted out, and you can resume syncing as the weather goes green.

FamilySearch Matches Fixed – After Free Update for FTM 2019

In the latest FTM 2019 update, the matching changes happen easily without any obstruction. Earlier, the servers of Family Search were crashing, and the matching changes were hindered.

Shortly after this update, FamilySearch will make matching changes on their side. And Family Search works just fine.

  • Before the new FTM 2019 update, you must be sure of the fact that the Family Tree Maker is on the computer.
  • Recommended is to sync the tree to ancestry before you run the new update. Syncing will make sure that while updating the Family Tree Maker if you encounter any mishap, your tree is safe and secure on the ancestry.
  • Manually compact your tree by going into the file menu and then doing the manual backup. While backing the tree up, check the box for media and Restore Sync. 

If you need any help, you can visit our website, or you can call our family tree support number +1-888-257-3335, or you can Live chat with our FTM Experts.

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