Free Update 23.3 for Family Tree Maker 2017

In this blog, we have covered ” Free Update 23.3 for FTM 2017. You can update the software if you follow the steps.

  1. FTM 2017 Version 23.0 Build 343 – First launched
  2. Version 23.1 Build 480 – First update
  3. Family Tree Maker 2017 Version 23.3 Build 540 – Second update

The latest update for Family Tree Maker 2017 is version 23.2, update build 540. It has many required improvements, which also include essential connectivity adjustments to make sure the recent changes made by and FamilySearch.

However, requires the Family Tree Maker Version 23.0 build 343 or Family Tree Maker Version 23.1 build 480. You should use Family Tree Maker 2017 Version 23.3 build 540 for better performance.

New Features in Free Update 23.3 for FTM 2017

  1. New Browser – There is a new secure browser instead of the obsolete Internet Explorer 11 browser in the Web Search. The new update also removes the compatibility issues with Ancestry and FamilySearch and gives faster Web Search.
  1. Faster Results – Ancestry media will download after the update when you do the web merge process. Which results in faster browsing of ancestry search results.
  1. Categories and Collection List Issues – This update fixes categories and collection features.
  1. Blank List – Now, you will not get an ancestry blank list after this update.
  1. The “File Not Found error” issue will be fixed when you search for personal details after this update.
  1. Imperfect Tree – Sync reliability improvement is done, and hence, the forgiving of imperfect trees and closing the errors related to sync is fixed on a continual basis.
  1. Duplicate Issues – Ancestry duplicate issues will get fixed after this Update 23.2 for FTM 2017.
  1. Media Issues – You are not going to use the adjuster utility when unsyncable HTML media keep appearing in each sync attempt.
  1. Merging Tree – The problem comes up when using the add individuals without merging option, and lost tasks, task categories, and private attributes for facts and notes are fixed.
  1. Migration Path and Source Media – This update will fix the stability issue and map issues. You can update the software to fix unrelated media as well.


  • Make sure FTM 2017 is installed
  • Compact and Back up your trees

From where you Get the Updater

You can download the 23.3 from the Mackiev update centre. Once you download the update, you have to run the updater.

If you need help, then go to the update centre, or you can contact us.

This is all for now in this section. Stay tuned for more information about the New Update For Family Tree Maker Software. So you will be up to date. Please chat with our Family Tree Maker Support Experts. So you can get instant help.

You can Contact our Family Tree Maker Support Number to get your issue resolved. We provide phone support 24×7. The Family Tree Maker Support number is +1-888-257-3335. So you can call for help.

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