Syncing problem with FTM 14.1

Syncing Problem With FTM 14.1

If you are experiencing syncing issues with Family Tree Maker 14.1, try updating the software, verifying your account information and internet connection, syncing a smaller portion of your tree, or consider upgrading to a newer version of Family Tree Maker 2019.

  • Did you change your ancestry account ID?

Please check if you have the same email address or user ID for ancestry or if you have changed. If you have changed and If you are using a different email address, then you may need to speak to Ancestry and request them to update your email address.

  • Have you changed your ancestry account password?

If you have changed your password, you will need to enter the correct password so you will be able to log in to your account in FTM. You may need to reset the password and log in using a new password. You will need to update your user ID and password in FTM software, not on your computer browser.

  • Are you using expired/active antivirus program?

Sometimes your firewall could also stop communication between your FTM software and the internet so please check that. If you find any expired antivirus program, you should remove that. If you have an active antivirus and firewall program, you will need to disable the antivirus or allow the FTM program in your firewall so your software can communicate with the internet.

  • Check for updates, sometimes your software needs to be updated as well.

Fix Sync Problem With FTM 14.1

Family Tree Maker 14.1 is a relatively old version of the software, and it may have compatibility issues with newer operating systems or online services. If you are experiencing syncing problems with this version, here are some steps you can try:

  1. Make sure you have the latest updates installed for FTM 14.1. You can check for updates by selecting Help > Check for Updates from the menu.

  2. Verify that you have an active internet connection, and that there are no firewalls or security software blocking the connection.

  3. If you are using the software to sync with an online service, such as, verify that your account information is correct and that you have permission to access the data.

  4. Try syncing with a smaller portion of your tree. If you have a large tree with many media files, it may be causing syncing issues. Try syncing a smaller portion of your tree to isolate the problem.

  5. Consider upgrading to a newer version of Family Tree Maker 2019. The newer versions have improved syncing capabilities and may resolve any compatibility issues.

If none of these steps resolves the syncing problem, you may need to contact the Family Tree Maker Software developer for further assistance.

MacKiev sends you updates occasionally, so you need to make sure to check the updates and update the Family Tree Maker software. You should also think of upgrading your software from Family Tree Maker 14.1 to Family Tree Maker 2019. If you are using outdated software, it may not function properly and may give you a lot of trouble. Please call Family tree Maker support Number +1-888-257-3335 if you need any help. Please read our other blog How to Update 23.2 for FTM 2017?

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