How to do color coding in Family Tree Maker 2017?

How to use color coding?

Color coding is a cool feature in family tree maker. Do you want your tree to look colorful? If yes, this feature will change your family tree maker look.

Let me guide you, how you can make your family tree maker software look even more beautiful than what it is right now.

Step 1. Open family tree maker software.

Step 2. Click on color coding on the top bar right corner first icon.

Step 3. Select the person that you would like to give color to.

Step 4. You have choices to select. If you want to give color to only current person, then you need to select current person. It will give color to current person as per your selection of color.

Step 5. As you have selected current person, you can give colors to current person ancestors or decedent. You can either choose same color for ancestors or decedent. I prefer same color. If I am current person, I will recognize all my family members with one color. This is easier when you do color coding. so, if you have another family that you would like to give color to, you will be able to do that.

If you are getting confused about colors and want to clear all colors. You need to click on clear all colors. It will remove all of your colors for the current person.

If you will need any help, you can call on family tree maker support +1-800-697-1474.

2 thoughts on “How to do color coding in Family Tree Maker 2017?”

    1. If you are using color for ancestors or descendants then it will clear colours from all person. If you have more questions related to Family Tree maker color coding. Please call family tree maker support +1-888-299-3207

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