Color Coding is the Best Features in family tree maker Software

Color coding in family tree

Let me guide you, How you can use Color Coding in FTM 2019 software and look even more beautiful than what it is right now. Color coding has been improved in FTM 2019 with two new features. You can now:

Color coding in FTM 2019 Step:-

  • Open family tree maker software by clicking on icon on your computer desktop screen.
  • Click on color coding on the top bar right corner first icon.
  • Select the person that you would like to give color to.
  • You have choices to select. If you want to give color to only the current person, then you need to select the current person. It will give color to the current person as per your selection of color.

Color Coding Features in FTM 2019

For the Current Person, choose from a variety of colours. It’s now possible to apply up to eight different colours to the current person, rather than just one. Select the person you want to highlight from the Tree tab of the People workspace, then click the Color Coding button above the editing panel. Click as many of the eight colours as you need to mark the individual under Current Person. Choose an option by clicking on it.

Extend colour coding to descendants of forebears. Color colouring for ancestors is applied to all those in direct ascending line from the selected person, as in the previous edition. You can now add colour to all of your ancestors’ descendants as well. This allows you to see who is a “blood related” and who married into the family at a glance. for example, or to clearly determine which lineage more distant branches of the family belong to when utilizing the four-color option. Simply click the Include ancestors’ descendants checkbox to expand color coding in this way.

If you are getting confuse about colors and want to clear all colors. You need to click on clear all colors. It will remove all of your colors for the current person.

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Now, We hope that the above-mention information and guide are helpful to get you start with Color Coding in FTM 2019 Service in your FTM.  However, in case you face any problem while going  the use Color Coding you can always contact the specialists at Family Tree Maker Support Number. And the team will definitely give you the best resolutions that are reliable.

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