NEW! Charting Companion 8

Charting Companion 8

Last updated on January 19th, 2024 at 10:32 pm

In this blog, you will explain the new Charting Companion 8. New Charting Companion 8 provides enhanced charting capabilities including color coding, DNA Matrix Chart or New feature.

New Charting Companion 8

To begin with, if you are also one of those users who have their DNA match results and are thinking. ‘Now what do I do?’ then you would be glad to know that Charting Companion 8 is the perfect place to get start. Charting Companion 8 provides enhanced charting capabilities, including colour coding, the DNA Matrix chart, and the Ancestors X-Chromosome chart, among many others.

Below, you can learn more about how DNA ties your family members together and get assistance setting priorities for DNA leads to follow; use the DNA Matches features to group potential cousins into branches of your family tree, and much more…

The New Features added in Charting Companion 8

Pastel Colors

  • This option is to ‘pastel blend’ colours. It expands design options for a more attractive appearance.

Slick Interface

  • This feature is new, has an improved appearance, is more contemporary-looking, and is consistent with Mac.

Save Work in Progress

  • Here, you have a new option to save an editable chart. That you are not entirely done with and would like to return to later. This indicates that you do not need to choose between being in a hurry to finish the layout and starting over again later.

Step-By-Step Setup Option

  • This new optional wizard-style dialogue is more straightforward and has a more accessible interface for new users.

Some other new features

  • You have accelerated graphics, which is helpful for large charts, 64-bit architecture, and Apple silicon compatibility.

What are the minimum system requirements needed for Charting Companion 8?

  • For Windows: You would need Windows Vista, and later, this includes Windows 11, 133 MB hard disk space, and 800 x 600 resolution.
  • For Mac:  You will require macOS Sierra (10.12), and later, this includes macOS Ventura (13), 200 MB hard disk space, and 1024 x 768 resolution.

Keep in mind Family Tree Maker 2019 is required. You can easily import the tree files of other FTM versions as GEDCOM.

We hope you find the above information helpful and can decide without having any second thoughts about the ‘New Charting Companion 8’. Furthermore, if you need any Help, you can call us at our Family Tree Maker Support Number +1-888-257-3334, or you can Live Chat With our Family Tree Experts.

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Charting Companion on Mac – Family Tree Maker Support Center

Charting Companion on Mac

Whether your database holds a handful of people or thousands, Charting Companion for Mac gives you the tools to quickly find individuals, view their family information, and navigate through their tree.

The given are steps to activate and use Family Tree Maker Charting Companion on a Mac computer

  • If you are a Family Tree Maker user, in the FTM menu, click on “Tools Charting Companion”.
  • For all other genealogy programs, click on the Charting Companion on the Mac menu: “File Open”.
  • Browse to your file. If you cannot find your file, click on “Scan disk”, and Charting Companion for Mac will find all your genealogy files.
  • Find a person. Click on the Name List icon or click on the menu “View Name List”.
  • Enter a surname and optionally a given name, click on “Go to” and “View”.
  • Create a chart
  • Charting Companion on Mac: Click on “Charts & Reports Ancestor Fan chart”, for example, then click on “Preview”.
  • Print or Publish the chart. After reviewing the chart, click on the Printer icon, then Publish or Print.
  • Choose the file type in the drop-down list.

You can create the following reports with Charting Companion on Mac:

Family Reports

  1. Family Group Record Printed version of family group view in LDS format.
  2. Standard Family Group: A variable format that will print all user-defined events.
  3. Kinship Print all relatives of an individual with their relationship(s).
  4. Hourglass Chart – A box chart that prints both ancestors and descendants of an individual.
  5. Trellis Chart – A chart that shows everyone in your family.
  6. Dandelion Chart – A chart that shows everyone in your family

Ancestor Reports

  1. Pedigree Chart Traditional LDS pedigree chart of an individual’s ancestors.
  2. Ancestor Chart: A box chart of an individual’s ancestors, with an optional variation to include siblings.
  3. Ancestor Fan Chart: A unique “fan” presentation of an individual’s ancestors. You can also print a full-circle or quarter-circle chart.
  4. Bowtie Chart: A box chart showing an individual’s paternal line (ancestors) to the left and the maternal line to the right.
  5. Ancestor Book An individual’s ancestors are prepared in a book format together with an index. Different from the other charts and reports, the Ancestor Book is an output directly to your word processor for further editing and printing.

Descendant reports

  1. Descendant Chart: A box chart of an individual’s descendants. Choose from top to bottom or left-to-right formats.
  2. Descendant Fan Chart: A unique “fan” presentation of an individual’s descendants. You can also print a full-circle or quarter-circle chart.
  3. Outline Descendant: An outline report of an individual’s descendants indented by generation. This is a useful summary report because only one line per person prints out.
  4. Descendant Book: An individual’s descendants are prepared in a book format together with an index. Like the Ancestor Book, the Descendant Book is the outcome directly to your word processor for further editing and printing

Charting Companion for Mac allows you to print your chart or reports on any size of paper. You can create large charts by building a of pages together or by printing on a large-scale plotter.

You can print charts and reports on MacOS-compatible printers, including inkjet, laser, and even dot matrix printers. The Fan chart has unique requirements that are available only on laser and inkjet printers.

Note:- Upgrade your old version of Family Tree Maker software because Charting Companion works with the latest version of Family Tree Maker 2019 software.

The Descendant and Ancestor books are the output to the word processor of your choice, like WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, Open Office, Lotus Ami Pro, and Microsoft WordPad. From there, you can perform added editing, such as adding graphics to your report before printing.

In addition, Charting Companion on Mac allows you to preview your charts in reports before you print them, allowing you to save on printing costs. Fast “go to”, and search functions are also helping in finding individual records easier. This is especially useful for large files.

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