How to Recover Lost Family Tree Maker 2019 Icon

This blog explains if you Lost the Family Tree maker icon on your computer and how to fix it. Here, you will get information about how to Recover your lost family tree maker icon from your device.

Note:- Please know this blog is for Windows, not for Mac. 

Please follow the steps below to fix the Lost Family Tree maker icon. If you do not want to work on it and would like an expert service, please call Family Tree Maker Support to fix the lost Family Tree Maker 2019 icon. This method can be used for Family Tree Maker 2017 as well.

Check The Program List

  1. Check if your computer still has the program installed.
  2. Click on your computer’s Windows logo, located in the bottom left corner. Now search for Family Tree Maker 2017 / 2019. see the Family Tree Maker 2019 in the list, then click “open file location“.
    Family Tree Maker 2019 lost icon
  3. Right-click on the icon, click send to and then select desktop (create shortcut). Please see the image below.

    FTM2019 Lost Icon

Get a replacement copy from MacKiev.

Please go to the MacKiev replacement centre and get a copy of your Family Tree Maker software. Please select the version of FTM that you need to get a copy of it.

MacKiev Replacement Center

As soon as you provide the right information to MacKiev. You will get a link to download the software. 

Follow the installation processes below to install Family Tree Maker 2019 or FTM 2017.

  1. Please click on FTM2019.exe and press install. The software will ask you if you have your Family tree files in backup mode or not in backup mode. Do you have data backed up? You will need to back it up if it is not. If your software gets locked, you can reuse this data to restore your tree since the software is already installed. You will get a popup asking if you want to remove or repair it. You will lose your software if you remove it, so be careful.
  2. Please select Repair your tree will be repaired and installed. This is the easiest way to repair your family tree maker software.

Note: After repairing the Lost Family Tree maker 2017 icon, you may need to restart the computer and then try to open the software and browse your trees. If you are still facing issues, then contact Mackiev support. You can also contact our family Tree maker support team and Call us at +1-888-257-3335 or Live Chat with our Experts.

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