Fix Display Issues In FTM For Windows

Do you want to Fixing display issues in FTM for Windows? Well, then, you got to be glad that you are just where you ought to be. Here, you will find perfect solutions only at one stop.

Before you begin with the process, you should know that Windows allows you to use the scaling feature. This feature allows you to increase the size of the text and other items on the screen. So when you use the scaling feature, in this way, Windows magnifies the size of the text and the UI elements to the scale that you choose. But if you do not find the text displayed in the correct manner, then follow the steps below to disable DPI scaling for Family Tree Maker.

Follow the steps below to Fixing display issues in FTM for windows

  • The first thing you must do is go to locate the Family Tree Maker. You can find this shortcut in the start menu on the desktop screen or on the taskbar.
  • After that, you would have to right-click on the shortcut. Then, select the ‘Properties’ option from the given drop-down list.
  • When you do that, you will have the ‘Properties’ dialogue window displayed on the current screen. After which, you will have to select the ‘Compatibility’ tab.
  • You now have to go to check the ‘Disable display scaling on High DPI settings’ box and then select the OK button.
  • And now, finally, you just need to ‘Restart’ your Family Tree Maker to confirm whether the issue has been resolved or not.
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Common Display Issues

  1. Blurry or Distorted Graphics: Sometimes, FTM’s graphics can appear blurry or distorted, making it challenging to navigate your family tree.

  2. Fonts and Text Issues: Another common issue involves fonts and text not displaying correctly. This can make it impossible to read or edit your genealogy data.

  3. Scaling Problems: FTM may not scale correctly on high-resolution displays, leading to either tiny, unreadable text or oversized elements that spill off the screen.


  1. Update Graphics Drivers: Outdated or incompatible graphics drivers can be a major culprit for display issues. Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date by visiting your computer manufacturer’s website or the graphics card manufacturer’s website.

  2. Adjust Screen Resolution: If FTM is not scaling correctly on your high-resolution display, try adjusting your screen resolution to a lower setting temporarily. Right-click on your desktop, select “Display settings,” and adjust the resolution until FTM displays correctly. Remember to revert to your original resolution afterwards.

  3. Compatibility Mode: Right-click on the FTM shortcut icon, go to “Properties,” and navigate to the “Compatibility” tab. Check the box that says, “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select a previous Windows version. This can sometimes resolve compatibility issues causing display problems.

  4. Update FTM: Ensure you have the latest version of Family Tree Maker installed. Developers frequently release updates to fix bugs and compatibility issues. Visit the FTM website or use the software’s built-in update feature to get the latest version.

  5. Check Display Settings in FTM: Inside FTM, go to “Tools” > “Options” and check the display settings. You can adjust font sizes and other display-related settings here to suit your preferences and possibly fix text-related issues.


Display issues in Family Tree Maker for Windows can be a roadblock in your genealogy research, but they are not insurmountable. By following these troubleshooting steps and keeping your software and drivers up to date, you can ensure that your FTM experience is free from frustrating display problems. Remember to back up your data regularly to avoid any potential data loss during the troubleshooting process. Happy genealogy research!

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