Family Book Creator 2019

Family Book Creator 2019 is a software tool designed for genealogists and family historians who wish to create customized and professional-looking family history books. The software was developed by Stefan Harms, a software engineer who created Family Book Creator to help people easily document and preserve their family histories in book format.
The software is specifically designed to work with genealogical software programs such as Legacy Family Tree,, or Family Tree Maker. This makes it easy for users to import their family history data into the software and create a book in simple steps.

What is new in Family Book Creator 2019?

One of the key features of Family Book Creator 2019 is its ability to automatically create family trees, descendant charts, and other genealogical reports based on the data imported from the genealogy software. The software also includes customization options, allowing users to choose from book templates, add images, and customize fonts, colours, and layouts to suit their preferences.
Another important feature of Family Book Creator 2019 is its ease of use. The software’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for users to create family history books without any prior design or programming experience. Additionally, the software includes a range of helpful tutorials and resources to help users get started and make the most of the software’s features.
Family Book Creator 2019 is a powerful and easy-to-use software tool that allows users to create personalized family history books quickly and easily. Whether you are a professional genealogist or a family history enthusiast, this software can help you document and preserve your family’s history for future generations.

Family Book Creator 2019 New User Interface

Family Book Creator 2019 has a new user interface, but all the controls have not been shuffl. An existing user finds it friendly to use. Only the look and feel have been changing, It looks more modern and newer.

Enhanced Text Editor

The improved internal built-in text editor helps you to change the text elements meant for the Title page, Dedication, Colophon, Introduction and Foreword sections.

You can now insert images and zoom the page’s content using the new layout view. The new test editors’ commendable feature offers you to :

  1. Open and Save Microsoft Word files, among other popular formats
  2. Have complete control of settings for paragraph and font
  3. You can insert Images, text boxes and tables
  4. Use full-screen mode with spell checker and much more.

Word processing media in the book document

With the new Family Book Creator 2019, you can include word-processing media elements in your book documents. You can use the content from media files in word processor file formats. File formats like RTF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, FTMS and PDF support it.

Color Coding

With the new Family Book Creator 2019, you can use a variety of symbols in multi-colour. You can also replace yellow with grey. In addition, FBC 2019 automatically applies color coding legend based on the assigned color in Family Tree Maker.

Additional Updates

  • You can now place Endnotes before the bibliography section or at the end of the document.
  • You can manipulate the image. For example, while you cut the image to passport photo format, you can choose between “Passport format (top)” and “Passport format (middle)”.
  • Various Date Formats are available in Family Book Creator 2019. You can now write dates in English in a variety of ways. In addition, FBC 2019 allows you to specify the output date format for reports in English.
  • You have the Relationship notes available on the new FBC. In addition, you can specify if and how relationship notes should be include.
  • There is now a new ‘Relationship notes’ area on the ‘Items to include’ ‘Partner’ tab page, allowing you to specify if and how relationship notes should be include.
  • With the new ‘Header & Footer’ tab page, you can customize the Header and Footer on the document.

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