How I Updated my 23andMe DNA Matches and Tree

Here, you will learn about how to Update 23andMe DNA Matches and Trees. If you need any help, call our family tree support number. To start with it all, when I was finding a ‘Frazer DNA 2nd cousin, which was recently removed at 23andMe, I took a closer look at the 23andMe Tree. I remember looking at 23andMe’s Tree last year in this blog. At that time, the Tree grouped some of my relatives; however, it seemed like they had difficulty telling which were paternal or maternal. Then, these relatives were mixed up on both sides. For example, I had both maternal and paternal relatives on both sides of my family tree.

Updating 23andMe DNA Matches and Trees

This Tree had been getting a little better as time passed. But recently, I found out that I can also modify the Tree to make it more sense. Therefore, I did just so and moved my maternal matches to the left side of my family tree and my paternal matches to the right side of the Tree.

Update 23andMe DNA Matches and Trees

You will see in the image above the circle with the face of me. Then, the red side is my mother’s, and the blue is my father’s. Hence, the colours now make complete sense. Meanwhile, my Nicholson side is purple, Rathfelder’s is red, and Frazer’s is blue. And most matches are on my ‘Hartley’ side because my ‘Hartley’ great grandparents had 13 children.

However, I have also manually added some matches to the Tree. I am not sure how 23andMe adds matches to a tree.

23andMe Family Tree – Beta

You must already know that 23andMe is beta-testing a new Family Tree builder that will work based only on your genetics without any input from your genealogy. This is excellent news, especially for those who do not know their family tree or have not entered any information into a tree file yet.

Now you will see that ‘Your genetic family tree on 23andMe has been built by an algorithm that automatically predicts relationships based on the DNA shared between you and your DNA relatives. This explains a recent company statement. Now, the size of your family tree depends on how many connections and DNA Relatives you have close relationships within the 23andMe database. Furthermore, participating in 23andMe’s DNA Relatives tool will help improve the experience. Moreover, as the 23andMe database grows, customers might see their trees expand.

Updated in March 2020 from 23andMe

‘Well, as of February 202, 23andMe customers can now edit and add relationships to their Family Tree for richer storytelling and accuracy. The Family Tree Builders can also move individuals and groups of relatives elsewhere and add relatives, even if they have not participated in 23andMe’s services. Customers get to add personal notes to the Tree, including ancestors’ names, important dates, and photos. They also send messages to their relatives who might offer more information and fill in the gaps further on their Family Tree.’

My Hartley Tree

23andMe DNA Matches and Trees

It only takes a little while to edit these trees. However, I still need to add more of my grandfather’s siblings to the 2nd row above. As you can see, I already had my grandfather’s brother ‘Greenwood’. And I was above to add at least three more siblings.

 23andMe DNA Matches

Well, then I added Robert, Mary and Annie Hartley. You should know that 23andMe does not arrange these ancestors by their age. For example, I wanted Robert on the right side as he was born in 1911. However, he is to the left of Mary, born in 1895. However, I am unsure who DL is as they did not answer my previous message. However, this cousin does not appear to descend from the four siblings identified. It is five, including my grandfather, James.

My Frazer DNA Tree

My Hartley tree was already in pretty good shape, but my ‘Frazer’ tree was not. This could be that it has a Rathfelder from my mother’s side and o, one of Frazer’s, which should have been on my father’s side, was on my mother’s side. Therefore, I tried fixing it but tried to make some mistakes.

Update DNA Matches and Trees

Moreover, I added William and Hubert Frazer to my Tree, but they should be brothers of James Archibald and not sons. Hence, my first correction was also a mistake. Well, here William has been moved.

Update 23andMe DNA Matches and Trees

Next, I would have to delete the old William line. You should note that Katherine has a symbol beside her photo. This means she was placed on the Tree by 23andMe even though I had to move here. This also points out that Linda is on the left, so if placed correctly by 23andMe, it would be a Clarke relative, not a Frazer relative.

Below is a cleaned-up version;

23andMe DNA Trees

I added George and Margaret Frazer at the top to avoid confusion. I also had to add the parents of Margaret Clarke so that I could clear up that side. Also, note that no DNA symbol is next to Stanley and Brenda. This is because I added them manually to my family tree. Nevertheless, I am unsure why 23andMe adds some DNA relatives to the Tree and not the others.

My Small Rathfelder 23andMe DNA Family Tree

Update 23andMe DNA Trees

Although you see that this Tree is small, 23andMe had this on my parental side originally, so I corrected it. There is one more exciting thing about ‘Ian’; he appears to be a direct male Rathfelder descendant. This means that 23andMe should have a basic YDNA Haplogroup for him.

Paternal Haplogroup

You must know that Paternal haplogroups identify the unbroken lines of men that all trace back to the same ancient common ancestor, such as;

  • You


  • Iain


Now, Iain should not match me unless I am coincidentally a Hartley. Moreover, this haplogroup was formed about 4400 years ago and is from Central Europe. This fits in well with Germany. The map even shows where the Rathfelder ancestors might have been 4400 years ago.

23andMe DNA

Then, further, YDNA testing would refine the information provided and Rathfelder on the YDNA of all humanity.

Please have a look at My Lentz and Nicholson 23andMe DNA Family Tree.

Well, my grandmother was a Lentz. However, her mother was a Nicholson.

Updating 23andMe DNA Matches

I then also added the Nicholson descendant as well. And now there is no DNA symbol beside Joan.

Lentz YDNA

  • Finding a general YDNA Haplogroup for my Lentz ancestors should be possible.
  • You will see that Jereme is R-Y4355; nevertheless, I have discussed R-Y4355 in this blog. Hence, this haplogroup is a further refinement of R-L2.
  • This makes some sense, as both these lines are German.
  • Therefore, below you will see the first part of the FTDNA Lentz YDNA Surname Project results;

Update 23andMe DNA Matches and Trees

  • And the first group mentions L2, so these might be distant relatives.
  • By manipulating the 23andMe Family Tree, I could write more information from the DNA matches that are there.
  • Hence, it feels great to be able to manipulate the 23andMe family tree as well as correct errors that were there.
  • I can also see that if my Tree is correct, then Linda matches on my Clarke and not my Frazer line.
  • Furthermore, I was also able to get my first indication of ‘YDNA Haplogroup’ for my Rathfelder ancestors through cousin Iain.

By now, you should be over with the above details and better understand how it looks when you Update 23andMe DNA Matches and Trees. If you require further guidance, you can contact the well-experienced and dedicated experts available 24/7. And the team will then surely assist you with the most suitable information. You can call us at our Family Tree Support Number +1-888-257-3335, or you can Live Chat with our Experts.

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