New features of family tree maker 2019

In this article, we have tried to explain the New features of FTM 2019. MacKiev released Family Tree Maker 2019 on 28th September 2019. With this release, Family Tree Maker has launched many new features. We will explain all the new features are there in FTM2019.

New Features Of A Family Tree Maker 2019?

  1. TreeSync: A feature that allows you to synchronize your family tree between Family Tree Maker and your account.
  2. Historical Records: You can search for historical records directly from within the software, making it easier to find new information about your ancestors.
  3. Source Management: You can easily manage and attach sources to your family tree, ensuring that your research is properly documented.
  4. Reports: You can create a variety of reports, including pedigree charts, family group sheets, and ancestry timelines.
  5. Media Management: You can easily add photos, videos, and other media to your family tree, helping to bring your ancestors to life.
  6. Mapping: You can view your family tree locations on maps and see where your ancestors lived.
  7. Web Dashboard: You can access your family tree and research from any device with an internet connection.
  8. Collaboration: You can share your family tree with others and collaborate on research.
  9. Data Cleanup: You can easily check for errors and inconsistencies in your family tree data and fix them.
  10. Import and Export: You can import data from other genealogy software programs and export your family tree data in a variety of formats.
  11. Change Log – This is my favourite feature in Family Tree Maker 2019. With the change log feature, you can roll back and correct the mistake you made two days ago. You do not have to use a backup file or anything.
  12. Enhanced FamilySearch – If you were using FTM17 and FamilySearch, you could only see hints, but in FTM19, you can access historical data. You can also download a branch from FamilySearch. 
  13. Updated Index – You can get color coding and hints in the Index. It makes it easy for users to use and recognise the data.

Other Features FTM19 has that may interest you. Please find the information below

  • Connect App – Every change you make, you can see on your smartphone and tablet. Please note that you cannot edit the information but can view your tree.
  • TreeVault is a cloud service where you can save your data on the cloud. Since it is built, you do not have to do anything. Create your account and antenna tree and upload your antenna tree. The rest of MacKiev will save your data. Please remember the first year is free, and then they charge monthly and yearly service.
  • Better color coding feature – Now, you can color code with eight colors.
  • Tree browser – Family Tree Maker 2019 has a better data browsing feature. It can list all your trees on your device, irrespective of any location on an internal or external hard disk.
  • Profile picture cropping tool – The tool uses an AI to crop the image and bring the best profile picture for you to use.

There are more New features in FTM 2019; we will be posting more blogs for Family Tree Maker users, which will help users to know more New features in Family Tree Maker 2019. Also, suppose you have any questions or want exceptional Family tree maker support from Tane Innovative Concepts LLC. Then, please chat with our Family tree Maker Software Experts.

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