What’s Not Synced with FamilySync in FTM 2017 and FTM 2019

FamilySync in FTM 2017 and 2019

Well, to know the features that are not synced with FamilySync in FTM 2017 and 2019 versions, you should first know that usually most of the content in trees, which includes all the core data as well is sync seamlessly between FTM 2017 and 2019 and Ancestry. Such as people’s names, facts, sources, citations, relationships, repositories and most types of media are all sync.

FamilySync in FTM 2017 and 2019

However, due to Ancestry and FTM trees being totally in different formats, there are some kinds of information that are unique to either Family Tree Maker or Ancestry and, therefore, simply cannot be transferred between the two.

Thus, this is the reason why it is important not to regard your Ancestry tree as a complete backup of your FTM tree. Moreover, uploading and then downloading a tree is just not the best way for transferring a tree to other computers. So, to keep unique Family Tree Maker data safe or to transfer it to use on another computer, it is recommended that you make regular manual backups of your tree. If you would like complete instructions on how to back up your tree files, then you can choose to click here.

What types of Family Tree data do not sync up to Ancestry?

Private Data 

  • Private facts, notes, and media
  • Elements linked to private data


  • Source citations not linked to a fact
  • Source citation ratings
  • Source Media
  • Links to different individuals within a single citation

Source Data from Templates

  • Source information entered in template fields that are not available on Ancestry


  • Media captions
  • Media Categories
  • Audio media items
  • Video media items
  • Web page archives


  • Research notes
  • Fact notes
  • Media notes
  • Relationship notes
  • Reference notes


  • Short place names
  • GPS location coordinates


  • Shared facts of detached spouses
  • Ancestral File Numbers, Person IDs, and Relationship IDs


  • A story create on Ancestry will download in FTM as a .html file, which can be viewed in a Web browser. To be able to edit the text, you would need to do it in a word processing program.


Saved Charts, Reports, and Books

Person Web Links

Color Coding

Know about the Ancestry data that does not sync down to FTM

  • Comments
  • Military Pages
  • DNA Results
  • Photo Tags
  • Web Links

Media Types and Description Data

  • Location
  • Original Uploader
  • Transcription of the test in documents when the Document/Certificate type has been selected.

Some other changes with family Sync

There are some changes as well with family sync that you should keep in mind while syncing

  • Paragraphs – the breaks disappear in Citation Detail text for Source Citation Information.
  • Home Person – this is not changing on Ancestry.com, so syncing with FTM is the only fact that was changed.
  • Media Linked to a Relationship – this becomes a link to both individuals instead of the relationship when media has been linked.
  • Resolving Conflicts – this dialogue does not show a conflict if the ‘preferred’ choice for any item, such as facts, parents, spouse, etc., has been changing both in FTM and Ancestry.

Furthermore, the ‘Resolve Conflict’s dialogue does not show a conflict if the information has been added both in FTM and Ancestry for the following reasons;

  • Repositories
  • New Person
  • Pictures for the same person

Now, in case a fact, source citation, or media item is unlink or delete on Ancestry or in FTM and then it is edit on another link computer. It would disappear there after the next sync (Exceptions – for Source Repository and Source Title).

Then, if an alternate fact about a person has been deleted from the FTM tree and the corresponding preferred fact is then deleted from Ancestry ( after it is changed to an alternate fact), then the person’s name is change to (no name) after the sync is done.

IMPORTANT: You should keep in mind that a conflict in a parent-child relationship cannot be resolve by choosing the ‘Overwrite conflicts with Family Tree Maker data’ option.  
  • Facts – usually, most fact dates, names, places, and descriptions (including custom and alternate facts) are all label the same in FTM and trees on Ancestry. However, some of the facts might be label differently, such as the fact labelled as ‘Physical Description in FTM is simply label as ‘Description’ in trees on Ancestry.

Person, Fact, Citation and Relationship Media

  • The caption in media for an item is FTM is the same as the picture name field on Ancestry.
  • The media items that are attach to relationship in FTM are upload to Ancestry as personal media are attached to each individual in the relationship.
  • Records that you have found on Ancestry and merge into FTM will not be re-upload to Ancestry.
  • The documents in FTM will be upload to an Ancestry tree only if they are in these formats: .pdf, .docx, .txt, and .rtf.
  • The photos that are upload to Ancestry Member Tree cannot exceed more than 15 MB. Therefore any photo in your desktop tree that exceeds this size limit will be resize when it is copied to Ancestry – you need not worry as your original file will not be affected at all.
NOTE: Keep in mind that the image size needs to be in one of these formats – .bmp, .jpeg, .png, .tif.
IMPORTANT: You must remember that the PDF files uploaded to or downloaded from Ancestry Member Trees cannot exceed 20MB.

Sources, Citations, and Repositories – Family Tree Maker and Ancestry handle their source citations in different ways. Hence, FTM allows a single citation to be linked to the facts from multiple people, whereas the online tree system limits a single citation to a single person. Moreover, when a tree is uploaded from FTM to Ancestry, the resulting tree on Ancestry replicates the citations that are shared with multiple people in FTM. In this way, each person has their own citation on Ancestry. Now, if an Ancestry tree has been downloaded as a new tree in FTM, then that citation replication will be in the resulting FTM tree also.

Smart Stories – Now you should know that the Smart Stories created in FTM become .rtf text files in Ancestry. Furthermore, the story cannot be view within your Ancestry tree, but the document can be download. If you are interest in reading more about syncing Smart Stories between FTM and Ancestry, then you can click here

You must have finished reading through the above lines by now; therefore we hope that we have provided you with helpful information that helped in answering all your queries. And now you know everything you ought to know about the features that are not sync with FamilySync in FTM 2017 and 2019. Nevertheless, if you need any further assistance, then you can directly reach out to the experts right here. The techs are available 24/7, and they will make sure that you have all your concerns sorted out in no time.


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