Charts And Reports In Family Tree Maker 2019 For Windows

Charts And Reports In FTM

In this Section, We will discuss Charts And Reports In FTM 2019. Here, We are going to describe how many charts and reports are available in Family Tree Maker. In case you want to create a report or charts, you should read this information till the end.

What are the charts and reports options available in Family tree Maker?

Charts And Reports In FTM 2019

Charts and reports

  1. Pedigree Charts – In this chart, a user can display bloodline ancestors. It has graphical information. A user can print it on paper or make a poster.
  2. Descendant Chart – as the name suggests, a user can create a chart of a person’s descendent using the descendent chart.
  3. Relationship chart – you can create a relationship chart between two persons. If there is someone in between, then those people will also be included in the chart.
  4. Hourglass Chart – This chart will display the selected person’s ancestors on top and the descendants below.
  5. Vertical Pedigree Chart – This will display a family tree chart vertically, and it will display only direct-line ancestors.
  6. Horizontal Hourglass Chart – This chart will display a person’s ancestors, descendants, and siblings. Users will see the descendent left and ancestors’ right side of the screen.
  7. Bow Tie Chart – the bow tie chart is used to display an individual’s direct line. Here, you will see the paternal left and maternal right.
  8. Family Tree Chart – The user can display an individual’s ancestors; only the bloodline will show here.
  9. Extended Family Chart – Here, a user can display the entire tree or can choose what they want to display in the report.
  10. Fan Chart – It will display the ancestors who are in direct bloodline in the form of a Fan (arch)

Genealogy Report In FTM

Genealogy Report

  1. Ahnentafel Report – If you are creating this report, then if you have selected person A, then you will get a report of all ancestors of person A.
  2. Descendant report – This report will create a report of the selected person’s descendant.

Person Reports in FTM 2019

person reports

  1. Individual Report – when you create this report, it will display the selected person’s detailed information, including pictures and personal notes.
  2. Custom Reports – It allows you to customize the report of a person.
  3. Data Error Report – If there is an error in an individual Information, then the family tree maker shows you the error, and you can fix it.
  4. Timeline report – This report shows the event of a person.
  5. Surname report – we can create a surname report. This will display a number of surnames with a number of males and females with that surname.
  6. Notes Reports – You can see notes related to a person that you created the report for.
  7. Task list – This can list the tasks that you have in your tree.
  8. List of individual reports – This report has 5 different reports in it. Index of individual, Index of individual with ID, an Anniversary list, Birthday List, and contact list.

Relationship Report

Relation Reports

  1. Family Group Sheet – This report includes two parents and the children of both parents. It has a detailed report of single-family. We can include pictures and other facts in it.
  2. Kinship Reports – You can see in this report how a person relates to others in the tree.
  3. Marriage Reports – This report will list all the husbands and wives in the tree and the status of their marriage.
  4. Parentage report – If you create this report, then you will see if the parent was natural, or the child was adopted or was a foster child.
  5. Outline Descendant Report – it shows all the descendants from generation to generation, including children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren, and it goes on from generation to generation.
  6. Outline Ancestors Report – This report is similar to outline descendants, but in this report, you will see the ancestors of an individual.
  7. Family View Report – You will see in this report three generations. You will also see the selected person’s spouse and children.

Place Report In Family Tree maker

Place Report In Family Tree Maker

When you generate this report, you will all the places in list order associated with each person in your tree. This report will explain how and where your ancestors were moved.

Media Report in FTM

Media Report in FTM

A user can create three types of reports in Media Report. Please find them below.

  1. Media Item Report – Here, you can get printed media with dates and categories. If you typed a caption in your image, then you will get a caption in the report too.
  2. Photo Album – In this report, name, birth, death, marriage, and other information for the selected individual.
  3. Media Usage Report – If you generate this report, you will get a list of all media in your tree.

Source Report In FTM

Source Report in FTM

  1. Source Usage Report – When you create this report, you will find all the sources you created in your tree. It will also list all individuals and sources linked to them.
  2. Source Bibliography – Here, reports will be created in bibliography form based on the source entered by you.
  3. Documented Facts –  If you create this report, you will see a list of all facts in your tree.
  4. Undocumented Facts – If you create this report, you will see a list of all facts which is not in your tree as the source.

Other Reports In FTM 2019

Other Report in FTM

  1. Calendar Report – If you create this report, you will see birth, marriage, anniversary, and death dates in the calendar form.
  2. Smart Story (Text Item) – The intelligent stories report creates the reports of people in your tree. You can save it as a media item, or you can include it in books, too.

Books – You can create a genealogy book. You can create a PDF and share it with your family online, or you can get it printed and share it with your friends and family. This is one of the best things I find in a family tree maker.

If you need help and are looking for an extra hand to help you with your genealogy research, please feel free to call our Family Tree Maker Support number at +1-888-257-3335.

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