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If you want to fix record errors on, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find the simple steps to resolve record errors on So, move ahead, and in case of any queries related to, then reach the support team for quick help.

Record Errors On

You might be surprised to know that, but broken records are not new. You can find it anywhere, not only on Ancestry. Also, whenever any error occurs, it will be perpetuated repeatedly on different online sites. Users can unknowingly add incorrect records to the public trees, and then others keep copying them. So, the trickle-down effect is just an old problem and pretty frustrating for everyone!

In this article, you will find two common records found online and how to fix them properly on

Some Common Genealogy Errors

Transcription errors

Whenever you look at a document with pre-20th-century handwriting on, you can readily appreciate the accuracy of the transcriptionists. For instance, in the census example below, you will find that the family’s username has been correctly notated as Faukenberry. So, here, it looks like I; thus, you can easily find it easy to misread.

 Errors On

Whereas in the online summary, you will find it Faukinberry;

Record Errors On Ancestry

Erroneous original records

Another standard error is with the original records. In this case, the census taker needs to talk directly to the head of the household whenever someone gathers any information. So, after getting the data, one needs to see if the family spelt the names well. Spelling discrepancies are the main reason why you will find the option of an exact match on

Also, erroneous records can be found easily in all types of documents. For instance, you can easily find the death certificate with the maiden name and place of birth of someone’s deceased mother. Also, one can find the record error when nicknames are use in the name of proper names. So, in this case, one can face two types of mistakes: one part of the census taken, and the other can be related to the information.

For instance;

The photo below shows how the record for James Hendrickson has been taken as Hendrisson by the census, and the son’s name is taken as H Byron. So, in this case, the choice of the notation taken by census is too confusing.

Fix Record Errors

How do you instantly correct the record errors on Ancestry in quick steps?

Step 1: First, you must move ahead to the summary page of the erroneous record. After that, you need to choose the view or add alternate info that would be found just next to the left of the summary. error

Step 2: You need to move ahead to add alternate info. You will find a pop box showing that another user has just added the correct information. Also, the submitter’s name has been remove for some privacy cases.

Fix Record Errors

Step 3: You can close the issue if someone has provided you with the correct information. But if you don’t find it correct, then in such a case, you need to move ahead and add your option. After doing so, you must choose the type of information you want to correct. Also, the choices can include names, dates, and places.

Record Errors On

Step 4: You need to quickly choose the type of information that you want to correct. After doing so, you will find a new window open, and you can easily add the correction. Also, if you wish, you can quickly write the information you want to provide. Also, the example below can show you all the available fields, but only if you select a residence place. After adding the correction, you must choose the submit alternative button. support

What if you need to correct something with no alternate choice?

In the given example below, you will find the list of the daughters of Jaco and Ola. But in reality, she was not her biological daughter but also the daughter of Ola. So, in that case, you have to go to the profile page and then choose tools. After that, go ahead to view the notes.

ancestry error support

In the next photo, you will see the correct information;

Record Errors On


In case of issues while Record Errors On, you must reach the experts right now. They will help you resolve all the problems related to the mistakes on Ancestry quickly! You can call us at our Family Tree Maker Support Number +1-888-257-3335, or you can Live Chat with our Experts.

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