Upgrade Family Tree Maker 2019 Software

upgrade family tree maker 2019

Last updated on May 20th, 2023 at 12:54 am

If you are using an older version of Family Tree Maker 1995 and Family tree maker 2005, then you should upgrade family tree maker 2019. Family Tree Maker 2019 is the latest version of the Software Mackiev. Here you can Build your family tree with New Features Provide by FTM 2019.

If you are using Family Tree Maker 2017 or older version of ftm 2005/1995. Then you may face some issues, like Frezzing, orange button, sync issue, sign in etc or you were not able to use ftm new feature. Thats why you need to upgrade family tree maker software.

Steps To Upgrade Family Tree Maker 2019:-

  • Launch your current FTM.
  • On the top left, click on “Help”.
  • Then click on “About Family Tree Maker”.
  • You will get the current Family Tree Maker Version with the build number, make a note of it.
  • Check if you can find the backup of the tree files.
  • Click on the “File” on the top left of the FTM Console.
  • Click on “export” and export it to the flash drive on your desktop.
  • Once you export the file to external media or the desktop of your pc, right click on the file (for windows pc) and click on properties.
  • In the properties box, you will find out the extension of the file.
  • Contact the FTM Support Team to get help on converting the file extension to the current format.

How to Install Family Tree Maker 2019?

Family Tree maker 2019 is one of the best genealogy software for searching family history. In ftm 2019 you will get free family tree templates which is usefull to create a pedigree chart. Follow the given instruction for installing Family tree maker 2019.

  • First buy the latest version of FTM 2019 from the software mackiev
  • You will receive the download delivery instruction on the email with the download link.
  • Check your computer operating system or system requirments.
  • Click on the link and download the setup file on the computer.
  • Once the file is in the download, double click on the file to start the installation.
  • Once you Install the software, you will find the icon for latest Family Tree Maker 2019 on the computer desktop.
  • Click on the icon and launch the software.
  • Register your copy under your name, email, and home address.
  • For any help on upgrade and file conversion, contact the Family Tree Maker Support Number to speak to an expert.
  • Please do take note, the phone and remote support service is a premium service which requires the user to sign it up first before getting the support on the upgrade and file conversion.

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You can Contact us Family Tree Maker Support to get your issue resolved. We provide phone support 24×7. This is our Family Tree Maker Support Number +1-888-299-3207. So, you can call for help.

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Family tree maker software VS other genealogy software!

Last updated on May 20th, 2023 at 12:55 am

Family tree maker software

In this blog, We will see detailed information and will compare Family tree maker software VS other genealogy software. Are you a genealogist? Are you looking for the best genealogy software? We in this blog have tried to explain why FTM is better than other software. So read this blog and decide for yourself.

If you are a genealogist and use any software then I am sure, you know what is Family Tree Maker Software. The user interface of Family Tree maker is better than other software. Un user can put detailed information

Family tree maker software

Family tree maker was acquired by Software MacKiev from Ancestry.com in 2016. It works best on Macintosh OS X 10.9 or later and Window 7 or later. Unfortunately, it is not available on any mobile devices yet. Users can not use free trials either.


The software allows you to build your family tree with attached photos and documents. It allows you to create charts, reports, timelines, and interactive maps. Family Tree maker also syncs with Ancestry.com, as a result, you can get hints to record on Ancestry.com.

You can search Ancestry.com, FamilySearch, and RootsWeb from within the program. In version 2017, get FamilySearch hints, search and merge. And version 2017’s FamilySync replaces TreeSync for synchronizing your tree with an Ancestry Member Tree.


There are a lot of great advantages that come with Family Tree Maker. Some of them are listed down below.

  • You can copy and paste facts, along with related source citations, media items and notes, from one person to another.
  • Source templates are organized by group and category.
  • You can choose from many attractive chart options.
  • Users can also easily publish your family tree on Ancestry.com, where it’s accessible to subscribers and people you invite.
  • New tools that lets you restore faded photos and color-code people in your tree.


There are a couple of disadvantages to keep in mind.

  • Poor source citations in reports.
  • Can’t create reports for publishing on your own website.
  • Some data doesn’t transfer properly when importing files from other genealogy software.

However, overall Family Tree Maker is great for users who like to create attractive family tree wall charts. It is really easy to handle too. It has a lot of advantages and has far better features in comparison to other genealogy software.

If you are still not able to decide, you can read our other blog. We have compared Family Tree Maker software with 5 other genealogy software. So you can decide and use the software as you need.