Download & Install Family Tree Maker 2017

Install Family Tree Maker 2017

In this blog, you will learn how to Install Family Tree Maker 2017. The earlier version of Family Tree Maker does not support ancestry. The features that connect Family Tree Maker to Ancestry are available in Family Tree Maker 2017, not with an older version. The features include syncing, hints, search, and merge options.

Are you using an older version? Now, you can upgrade your software without any hassles. You can also get a discount since you were using an older version. The actual price for the upgrade is $79.99 USD. However, if you are on the mailing list with Family Tree Maker, you are eligible for a $20 USD discount straight. If you do not wish to purchase ancestry, then you can use a free search service.

How To Install Family Tree Maker 2017?

As soon as you upgrade your software from an older version to FTM17, you will get a link to download the software. There are two separate links. You can click on the respective version link for Windows or Mac. Click on the downloaded file and run it or open it so your software can be installed. You will get steps to follow, and you can install Family Tree Maker.

What If I Lost My Older Version?

Don’t worry! I have encountered some users asking whether a Family Tree Maker 2017 upgrade requires them to install old FTM on the new machine if they are moving to a new PC and purchasing a new Family Tree Maker 2017 upgrade. The answer is a Big No. If you have not lost your data, follow the above steps and import your old data to the new FTM17.

One last but not the least point to make a note of.  You don’t need to keep the old version on the machine, but if you want to keep it, you should save it into a different folder or maybe on any USB flash driver or Hard disk drive or on your cloud account, making sure you don’t confuse yourself with the old and new version.

How to Migrate to Family Tree Maker 2017

You must convert your old version software data. There are simple steps to migrate from an old version of Family Tree Maker to the latest FTM 2017. You can open Family Tree maker 2014.1 in FTM 2017 without any conversion. Please follow these steps. So you can move a tree from an older version to the latest version without any problem.

Step 1 – Open the tree that you want to move and choose the Backup option. Then, choose the backup location. If you want to back it up externally, then click on removable media like USB flash drive or Hard disk drive.

Step 2—To include items like photos or other media in the backup, make sure the media files checkbox is selected. If the current tree is linked to an online tree @, you must select the allow the restored file to resume syncing checkbox. This helps you relink the tree automatically on a new PC.

Step 3 – Now open FTM 2017 and choose the restore option from the menu. Go to the folder/path where the backup file is located and open it. In the window that opens, enter the name, choose the location for the restored files, and click on save. In case your tree was previously linked, click on restore additional options, select the restored file to resume syncing, and hit ok. Once the tree is converted, click on Sync now. That’s all you will need to do. Now you can use your family tree maker.

Now you have a brief idea of how to Install Family Tree Maker, read more about how to share your FTM 2017 in this article.

Steps you can follow to install Family Tree Maker 2017:

  1. Purchase the software from a reputable retailer or website.

  2. Download the installation file from the retailer or website.

  3. Double-click on the downloaded file to begin the installation process.

  4. Follow the prompts to install the software on your computer.

  5. Once the installation is complete, launch Family Tree Maker 2017 and start creating your family tree.

Family Tree Maker 2017 FAQ

Question:- I’ve installed a new Family Tree Software MacKiev version. Should I keep the old version?

Answer—After installing the Family Tree Maker 2017 or 2019 version, a user can uninstall the old version.

Question- Is the Family Book Creator plugin by Stefan Harms compatible with the new versions?

Answer – Yes! It’s a free update for his Family Book Creator (FBC) for FTM 2017.

Question – From where can I buy family tree maker software? 

Answer—Buy FTM 2017 from the MacKiev online store. If you are looking for a discounted price, contact MacKiev chat support.

Question – Can a User Download Family Tree Maker for free?

Answer—No, a user cannot Download Family Tree Maker 2019 for free. MacKiev does not offer a trial version. You will need to purchase it if you want to use an FTM. A user can go to MacKiev chat and request an FTM Free trial, but as per our information, it is not available as a free trial.

Question – Can someone create a simple family tree on paper?

Answer—Yes, a user can create a simple family tree on paper. If you are creating a basic family tree, you should keep yourself, your parents, and your grandparents. If you add more people to your tree, the tree will become bigger, and then you will need software instead of paper.

It’s important to note that Family Tree Maker 2017 is no longer supported by the software developer, so it may not be compatible with the latest operating systems or other software on your computer. You may want to consider using a newer version or an alternative Family Tree Maker 2019 software.

If You Need Any Help with your Family Tree Maker 2017 Software, please contact our Family Tree Maker Support Experts. We are happy to help. Call us at our toll-free number +1-888-257-3335.

Family Tree Maker Live Chat

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FTM 2017 for Windows Crashes or Closes Unexpectedly

FTM 2017 Stopped Unexpectedly

FTM 2017 Stopped Unexpectedly: FTM 2017 is one of the latest versions of Family Tree Maker software. What can I do when my Family Tree Maker 2017 (FTM 2017) stops unexpectedly or continually crashes for Windows?

Before you begin troubleshooting problems with Genealogy Maker, confirm your version of Windows is up to date:

FTM 2017 Stopped Unexpectedly

If Windows is up so far and you’ve got the newest version of Pedigree Maker, the problem could be related either to the tree file or to the program itself. Therefore, the initiative is to work out what it is.

This article discusses the subsequent issues:

  • Crashes associated with a tree file
  • The Crashes related to the program
  • Crashes related to a tree file

If you’ve experienced crashes while working with a specific tree, check whether the matter lies within the tree file itself. To try to do this, create a replacement “test” tree with just four or five individuals, then attempt to reproduce the actions that have led to a crash. If no crashes occur, you’ll be pretty sure that drag with the first tree file is the reason for the difficulty you’re having.

Compacting files

If you’ve identified the first tree file because of the cause, the primary thing to undertake is to try and fix it by compacting the file. Family Tree Maker’s Compact File tool will re-index your file and optimize your tree’s performance by removing unnecessary data. It’s an honest idea to compact files from time to time as a general measure to stop the emergence of crashes. For detailed steps on the way to compact files, click here.

Using backup and auto-backup files

If it doesn’t help to compact your file, try using a tree backup and see if it resolves the issue. If you don’t have any manually created backup files of your tree, you’ll use one among the auto backup files that are regularly saved by the appliance. Auto backup files are usually located in the location of the Documents\Family Tree Maker folder of your system. Note that auto-backup files may be a usual .ftm file, unlike a manually created one. Family tree maker book (FTMB) file — cannot contain any media.

Crashes associated with the program

If the crashes don’t seem to possess anything to try to do with the tree file, try the following:

  • Restart your computer
  • Restart genealogy Maker
  • To restart FTM 2017, close the appliance and then open it again.
  • Reinstall genealogy Maker

Click here to learn how to manually uninstall and reinstall Genealogy Maker. This will ensure that none of the program files are missing or damaged.

Reset the program settings

Click here to find out the way to reset Genealogy Maker settings to the factory defaults.

  • Delete the files within the SearchHints folder

If you want to delete all the files from the SearchHints folder, then please follow the given steps:

  1. In Windows Explorer, open the system disk where Windows 10 is installed (it is typically disk C:).
  2. Type search hints within the search field within the top-right corner of the window, as shown in the screenshot below:
  3. Remove all files into the Recycle Bin from the SearchHints Folder.
  4. Right-click the Recycle Bin from the context menu and select the Empty Recycle Bin.
  5. Click Yes within the confirmation message that appears.

Work with Family Tree Maker as an administrator

For working with a family tree maker as an administrator, right-click the FTM 2017 icon, and from the context menu, choose Run as administrator.

Create a replacement user account

Crash issues can sometimes be resolved by creating a replacement user account in Windows. Often, Windows account problems such as inadequate permission or damage or missing files are caused by program failure. To make sure the issues you’re having aren’t profile-related, click here to find out the way to create a replacement administrative user account in Windows. Once you’ve created it, complete the subsequent steps:

  1. Uninstall Genealogy Maker.
  2. Log in to the new user account.
  3. Reinstall Genealogy Maker.
  4. Launch Genealogy Maker.

Sometimes, crashes are caused by an old or damaged Pedigree Maker user configuration file. Deleting the configuration file can also help in almost all kinds of crashes, whether crashes are associated with a specific tree or a program.

To get rid of the file, follow these steps:

  1. Quit Genealogy Maker.
  2. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the present folder:

For the Ancestry account: Users\\AppData\Local\ The_Software_MacKiev_Comp\FTM.exe_StrongName_[random string of characters]\

  1. Find the user.config file and delete it.
  2. Open family tree maker.

As a result of the configuration file deletion, no trees are going to be displayed on the Tree tab until you’ve opened them again within the application. To open a tree, choose Import from the File menu, select the tree within the dialogue that appears, and click on Open. A replacement configuration file is going to be created automatically.

After browsing this text and trying all the relevant suggestions, if you’re still experiencing crashes with Genealogy Maker, please click here to find out how to send a crash log to our Technical Support Team. They’ll check out the matter and get back to you quickly. 

If you need any help, you can call our family tree maker support number, +1-888-257-3335, or chat with our family tree experts.

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