Companion Guide Status for Family Tree Maker 2019

Companion guide Status For FTM 2019

If you are reading this blog, then you must be looking for Companion Guide Status For FTM 2019. Please read this topic from start to end to know the status and to find alternatives to the FTM 2019 manual guide. Family Tree Maker (FTM) 2019 is a beloved genealogy software that has helped countless individuals trace their family histories. One of the valuable resources that users often turn to is the Companion Guide, which provides detailed information and guidance on using FTM to its fullest potential.

Companion Guide Status for FTM 2019?

It is a book that helps Family Tree Maker 2019 users understand the software. They can read and follow the instructions to use the software. The ftm 2019 manual guide is a face among Family Tree Maker users. You can learn how to create charts and use Rich color coding in Family Tree Maker.

The Companion Guide for FTM has long been considered an essential tool for users of the software. These guides are typically created by the makers of FTM or by experienced genealogists who are well-versed in the software’s features. They offer step-by-step instructions, tips, and insights that can help users navigate FTM effectively and make the most of its powerful features.

FTM 2019 Companion Guide

To be straightforward, We do not know the status. If you do not wish to wait any longer, then you can ask for a refund by sending an email or chatting with MacKiev. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the Companion Guide for Family Tree Maker 2019 was available and actively used by FTM enthusiasts. It covered various aspects of the software, including data entry, chart creation, research tools, and more. The guide was especially helpful for users who wanted to explore advanced features and techniques.


 Question:- Why is MacKiev not dispatching it?

Answer:- As per MacKiev, it is under production. As far as we understand, MacKiev either has a production house for companion guides or uses a third-party company. After COVID-19 hit us, their production was affected. This is our guess; we aren’t sure. You can go to MacKiev chat and ask this question.

Question:- Is There Any Alternate Option?

Answer:- Yes, “There is till the time you do not know”.

Check for Updates

Since software and accompanying guides can undergo updates and changes, it’s advisable to check the official Family Tree Maker website or trusted genealogy resources for the most current information regarding the Companion Guide for FTM 2019. If there have been updates or new editions released, these resources should provide you with details on where to access or purchase the latest guide.

You can download a soft copy pdf version of the Family Tree Maker Companion guide 2019. It is similar to what you will get in hard copy. Please find the steps below to download the PDF version of the Family Tree Maker user Guide. So follow the steps:-

  1. Please open Family Tree Maker 2019.
  2. Click on the help section.
  3. Click on the FTM 2019 Companion guide.
  4. Here, you can download it to your computer and print it out, too, if you want to.

You can either download a soft copy of it, or you can print it out using your printer. Please remember, if you are going to print out, You will need a good amount of paper. There are 364 pages so print only if you are sure you need it.

We wish we could tell you the Status, but we are not sure. We chatted with MacKiev, and we had the same answer:” There is no date”.

Do You Need Help Since You Do Not Have An FTM Companion Guide?

We are not MacKiev but we support the family Tree Maker Program and genealogist. This means we can help you with any issues you have with the family tree maker. This also means you really don’t have to pay us for downloading a soft copy of the guide.

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