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Last updated on February 1st, 2022 at 09:16 am

SyncLogs in Family Tree Maker

In this blog, you will learn what should you keep the names of back-ups & sync logs in family tree maker. Please call the family tree maker support number if this information does not work for you.

Are you troubled not being able to think clearly on what to name the ‘Backups and SyncLogs in your Family Tree Maker? Then you should now be glad that you are on the right site and the perfect blog. Here you will get top-notch solutions that are effective.
Now you’ve just got to have a look at the below steps, and then by following them you can similarly name the Back UPs and Sync Logs;

For using the SyncLogs in Family Tree

For the main working file, you can give it a main name for example; ‘Master’.
Then you are required to see the version of the family tree and according to that, you can use Master_2014_1_1510.
Next, if you want to rename it then you can easily do the updates in their name.
For updates, you have to visit the select tree option.
There you need to go to the upper left of the plan workspace.
Here you can rename your tree.
So whenever you want you can rename your SyncLogs in Family Tree according to your wish.

For the Backup of your Family Tree Maker

  • So for backup, you can use the default filename i.e. YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Please write the number of the version.
  • It will look something like 2020-03-03-1510.
  • After adding the facility of backup. Your file will update according to month and time within 24 hours.

Thus these are the steps by which you can easily set the name of Back UPs and Sync Logs. Now the above solutions are useful and the best to help you get over with the procedure as soon as possible.

If you encounter any problem when you go through the steps. You need to immediately get in touch with the team of experts at Family Tree Maker Support number. And you will experience the best services here as the techs are available at all times to assist the users. So you need not worry instead just give a dial to the team without any delay.

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You can Contact us Family Tree Maker Support Number to get your issue resolved. We provide phone support 24×7. Family Tree Maker Support number is +1-888-299-3207. So, you can call for help.

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