Security Error or Blank Page in Web Search in FTM 2017

Last updated on June 15th, 2023 at 03:23 am

Security Error or Blank Page

While doing the Ancestry web-search on Family Tree Maker software 2019 you may get a Security error or a blank page. This is a known issue and Mackiev is working with Ancestry to resolve it at the earliest.

FTM directly connects to Ancestry so you can search for records without visiting Ancestry’s website. You must have an Ancestry subscription to access the search results from Ancestry. Log into the Ancestry account on your Family Tree Maker first to use the web search feature.

You can find and use the web search feature on the Family Tree Maker toolbar. When you click on the web search tab on the toolbar, on the left side you will get the option to select Ancestry.

On you tree, you must click on the name of an individual for whom you want to find more information. Ancestry record will find the information about that person from its billions of records and will bring it for you on the same screen.

Is there any workaround to fit this issue?

You can try some workaround while the engineers from Mackiev and Ancestry are working on this issue.

There is a utility that you can download on your computer, that changes the settings to resolve this issue. After you download the tool, you must run it on your computer.

You can also edit the address by going into the address bar inside the web search. You can use instead of or

Alternatively, you can use the Ancestry website to do the web search using your computer browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

Once you are done with the Websearch, you can use the FamilySync in your Family Tree Maker software to synchronize any change to your tree.

Should I contact Ancestry for this Error?

Do not contact Ancestry support for this issue since their agents are not trained to work on Family Tree Maker. You can reach us on the phone or chat to speak to a live agent and get help on this issue.

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