How to Install Family Tree Maker 2017?

Yes, you do need to install Family Tree Maker 2017 if you use Ancestry. The earlier version of Family Tree Maker does not support ancestry. The features that connect Family Tree Maker to Ancestry is available in only the latest FTM 2017. The features include syncing, hints, search and merge options.

The good news about the upgrade is that it is currently offered at a discount rate. The actual price for the upgrade is $79.99 USD; however, if you are on the mailing list with Family Tree Maker, you are eligible for a $20USD discount straight. To add, you also don’t have to purchase a new Ancestry subscription.

The Tree Sync has ceased to operate from March 2017. It has integrated a new technology and incorporated into Family Tree Maker 2017 which is known as Family Sync. The feature that you were using like syncing of tree, hints, search, and matches are all available in family sync. It is however recommended that you do sign up for the new product info, updates, and necessary upgrades.

I have come across some users asking about what if they are moving on to a new pc and purchasing a new Family tree Maker 2017 upgrade requires to install old FTM on the new machine. The answer is Big No. Those users who are already a registered user of old FTM will get a new installer for new machines.

One last but not the least point to make a note of.  You don’t need to keep the old version on the machine but if you want to keep it, you should save it into a different folder or may be on any USB flash driver or Hard disk drive or on your cloud account making sure you don’t confuse yourself with the old and new version.


How to Migrate to Family Tree Maker 2017


The files which are created in an old version of Family Tree Maker must be converted before you install the all-new Family Tree Maker 2017 version on your machine. There are simple and easy steps to migrate from an old version of Family Tree Maker to the latest FTM 2017. Family Tree maker 2014.1 can be opened in FTM 2017 without any conversion. It is recommended that you follow these steps to safely move a tree from an older version to the latest version without any problem.



Step 1 –

Open the tree that you want to move and chose the Backup option. Then chose the backup location. If you want to back it up externally, then click on removable media like USB flash drive or Hard disk drive.

Step 2 –

The option of include in backup, select the items like photos or other media, making sure the media files checkbox is selected. In case of the current tree is linked to an online tree @ you must select the allow the restored file to resume syncing checkbox. It helps you to relink the tree automatically on a new pc.

Step 3 –

Now open FTM 2017 and chose the restore option from the menu. Go to the folder/path where the backup file is located and open it. The window that opens enter the name and chose the location for the restored files and clicks on save. In case of your tree was previously linked, click on restore additional options and select the restored file to resume syncing and hit ok. Once the tree is restored, click on sync now and you are all set and good to go.

Now you have a breif idea of how to install FTM 2017, read more how to share your FTM 2017 in this article.

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  1. This is more a question. I have purchased a new computer buy cannot locate my ftm2017 software. Can i still down load it? I want it running before I try to update.

  2. I have a 2012 version of Family Tree Maker. Can I get the 2017 version and download my trees from the 2012 version?

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