Ancestry Support Number +1-888-299-3207

Ancestry support number

In this blog, you will learn about ancestry and ancestry support number. Ancestry Family tree Maker is a software that allows you to build your family tree. You can connect all your generations together. Now ancestry family tree and family tree maker software is two different service.

In 2016, Ancestry sold Family tree maker to Mackiev. It was formerly known as Family Tree maker by Ancestry. This article explains the clear distinction between Ancestry and Family Tree Maker in a detailed manner.

Website vs Program

One of the major distinctions between these two is, the fact that Ancestry is a web page. And Family Tree maker is software.

Ancestry is an online website. User can easily access it through a web browser. You can use any browser such as Mozilla, Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

Family tree maker on the other hand is a software that work over the computer system hard disk. It is downloaded from an online website or a user gets it through USB ad DVD or various other formats to install/run/save into their computer system.

Subscription vs Purchase – Ancestry support number +1-888-299-3207

Ancestry users get a subscription on the website where the users are charged regularly over a specific period of time until they cancel the subscription. The subscription also provides reports on a web-page and various other factors such as connecting with other people.

However in the case of Family Tree Maker, users do not need to pay for it again and again once it has been purchased.

Online vs Offline – Ancestry support number to get help

Users require a working network connection or needs to be online to access Ancestry. The users will not be able to access all the information about their tress as well as their photographs without a network connection.

In the case of Family Tree Maker, users are allowed to access any information regarding their tree even without a network connection. However, a few features will not be available without a network connection. But users will still be allowed to add up details to their Family Tree maker easily.

Book and Charts- My Canvas vs publish

Ancestry users have restricted powers to print their tree. User can only print four generation details from the chart. So this makes ancestry family tree not so user friendly. Users can look at a profile page or a family group sheet from their house print machine.

They can also have a professional print copy of their trees or a report through Ancestry. MyCanvas will ask for details about the user tress to create a book or poster record which the user can modify.

Family Tree Maker comes with a range of 37 distinct charts and records with numerous modifying options. The users can get these charts and records in the form of a book.

Sync Changes

User may find error when you sync your tree from Family Tree Maker Software to ancestry. It happens in most of the cases of wrong data entered or ancestry has wrong information in their server. In most cases, we found ancestry information is correct. So when you sync your tree to ancestry, make sure to check your information.

Rare Specifications Of Family Tree Maker

There are a few options available only in Family Tree Maker. Please find list below.

  1. Backing up Trees-Backing up the user’s family tree is essential as it holds their family’s origin information. Go to the link here to know about creating a backup in Family tree maker.

In case, the user’s native or first tree is destroyed or users wish to return to a preceding version. Users can get it back from the backup file of the Family tree maker. Click the link here to find out how.

 There is also an automatic saving options plugged on; in that case, whenever they exit from their tree program, the program itself will automatically prepare a backup. 

  1. Merging of trees and branches- A rare option in Family tree maker is the power to merge a tree or branch of a tree with another.
  2. Extra print variety- Family tree maker is the only program with a direct web link to Family (CHART MASTERS). In Family Tree Maker, You can use plugins to create book or chart. Plugins name are charting companion and family book creator. There are other plugins too that you can use to make your tree and report look beautiful.
  3. Rare group of tools- Family tree maker has a variety of tools that will create easy tree management as well as three distinct variety of calculators (DATE, RELATIONSHIP, AND SOUNDEX), tabs to COMPACT FILES, SORT CHILDREN BY BIRTH DATE, and more. 
  4. Organization of work- “PLAN” tab will provide workspace which allows the users to organize and manage their task for various generations. This makes it easier for Family Tree maker users. 

Note from Author for user

Ancestry user can also attach person notes. However, these person notes will be available and can only be seen by the people invited by the user.  Whereas in Family Tree Maker uses can generate various notes such as a person, research, fact, source citation etc.

If you need help then please call our Ancestry support number and speak to our ancestry support team. You can also call our Family Tree Maker Support team to get help.

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