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Last updated on April 5th, 2024 at 01:35 am

Sign in Ancestry

Are you searching for an appropriate solution to be able to sign in and out of your Ancestry account? Well, then, you should know that you have definitely come across the perfect site as here in this blog, you will learn how to sign in and out of an Ancestry account in no time and with just a few clicks.

How to sign into an Ancestry account?

  1. Starting from the top right corner of any page on Ancestry, you will need to choose the ‘Sign In’ button.
  • However, if you do not see the ‘Sign in’ option, then it could be that you or someone else might have signed in already. If you would like to switch accounts, then you should follow the steps given for ‘Signing out’ of Ancestry and then sign in again.
  1. Next, you will need to sign in with an Ancestry account using your email address/username and password on Google or Apple.

    Sign in via email or username.

  • You just need to enter your email address or username and password in the given fields and click on ‘Sign In’. If you need help with your password, then you can check out resetting a forgotten password. After that, if you are prompted, you should enter the two-step verification code, choose whether or not the ‘Remember this device’ option and then click on the ‘Submit code’.

Signing in using Google

  • You will need to choose the ‘Sign in with Google’ option when asked, and then you need to choose an account to sign in with or use another account. Alternatively, you must enter your email address or phone number and select the ‘Next’ button, after which you should enter your Google password and select ‘Next’ again. Now, if you’re ask, then you should ‘Verify it’s you’. If you need more help, you can get help from Google.

Signing in with Apple

  • Here, you have to choose the ‘Sign in with Apple’ option and enter your Apple ID, then enter your Apple password. Now, when asked, you should enter the ‘Apple verification code, after which you must choose whether or not to trust this browser. You just need to confirm it using your Apple ID with Ancestry by selecting the ‘Continue’ button. ‘Need more help? ‘Get help from Apple’.

You are now signed in. You can go ahead and enjoy using Ancestry.

IMPORTANT: In case you have sign in on a public computer or mobile device, then you must remember to sign out of Ancestry when you’re done.

Sign out of Ancestry

  1. To begin with, in the top right corner of any Ancestry page, you have to select your name, username or profile picture and then choose the ‘Sign Out’ button.

How to troubleshoot issues with your Ancestry account

A forgotten password

In case you do not know your password, you can easily click here to check it out: Resetting a Forgotten Password.

Is your password not working?

If so, and you have already reset your password, and your new password is not working, then you should choose to clear your cache and cookies, after which you should try signing in again.

Issues with the verification code

If you require help with the verification codes, then you just need to select the company whose code you are having a problem with, such as;

If you do not have an account

Then, you should first sign in to Ancestry by creating a free account.

The page, button or link is not working.

If you find that a page, button or link is not working, then you can click here to Fixing Page or Button Problems on Ancestry.

When you are done going through the above steps, you should be satisfied and all good to handle the same easily at any time. However, if you need any further guidance, then you can always get in touch with the professional team of techs who are capable as well as trained to assist you with any related.

If you need help, then please call our Ancestry Help Number and speak to our ancestry team to get Ancestry sign-in support. You can also chat with our Family Tree Maker Support team to get help.

You can Contact our Ancestry Help Number to get your issue resolve. We provide phone support 24×7. Ancestry Support’s number is +1-888-257-3335. So you can call for help.

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