Download Instructions: RootsMagic 8 Mac via the Safari Web Browser

Download RM 8 Mac via the Safari Web Browser

Are you looking forward to learning more about Download RM 8 Mac via the Safari Web Browser? If so, you would be glad to see that you have come across the right site. You will find what you need to do in this blog, as the instructions provided below are appropriate and effective. All you must do now is read along until you reach the end of this page to get the desired results.

Download RM 8 Mac via the Safari Web Browser

  • Know how to find the RootsMagic Installer on the RootsMagic Website.
  • How to download and install via the Safari Web Browser.
  • How to Add the RootsMagic Shortcut icon to the Dock.
  • How to enter the RootsMagic registration key to register the software.

How to find the RootsMagic Installer using the RootsMagic Software?

Follow the mentioned steps to begin;

  1. First, You would need to open your Safari Web Browser and click on this link:
  2. After that, you must click on the green download right under RootsMagic 8.
  3. Now, under ‘MacOS Users, ’ you must click the RootsMagic 8 X.X.X. installer link.

The following steps are to download and install RootsMagic 8 on Mac via the Safari Web Browser:

  1. When you click the ‘RootsMagic for Mac Installer’ link, you should see the ‘Do you want to allow downloads on’ appear on your screen. You must click on the blue allow button when you see it.
  2. Next, you would need to click on the ‘Allow’ button and then the download process indicator should appear in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. When the download process is completed, you will see the icon changed to a ‘Grey Circle’ with a white arrow pointing down.
  4. After doing so, click on the icon to open the download folder.
  5. Then, you should double-click on the RootsMagic 8 .dmg file.
  6. On your screen, you will now see the opening RootsMagic 8 .dmg screen displayed; this should show you the verifying process.
  7. When the verification process is completed, you should have the RootsMagic open on your screen. After that, you must drag and drop the RootsMagic 8 icon (at the top) into the blue ‘Applications’ folder (at the bottom).
  8. Subsequently, when you do that action, it will copy the RootsMagic app to the ‘Applications’ folder.

Follow the given steps to add your RootsMagic Shortcut icon to the Dock:

  1. First of all, you will need to start by opening the ‘Finder’.
  2. Then, you should select the ‘Applications’ from the given left panel.
  3. Next, you must find ‘RootsMagic 8’ on the ‘Applications’ list.
  4. After that, you must left-click on RootsMagic, and while holding the left mouse button down, you will also need to drag and drop the icon to your Dock.
  5. Then, when you have the RootsMagic icon on your ‘Dock’, you must double-click the RootsMagic 8 icon to open it.

Learn how to enter your RootsMagic 8 registration key and register your software:

  1. When you first click on the RootsMagic icon, you should see the Safari message on your screen asking you if you want to do so.
  2. You then have to click on the ‘Open’ button.
  3. After that, if you have a registration key or RootsMagic 8, you must select ‘RootsMagic 8 – Full Registered Version’.
  4. Nevertheless, if you want to try out RootsMagic before purchasing it, select the RootsMagic Essentials – Free Version option.
  5. Now, if you selected ‘RootsMagic 8 Essentials – Free Version,’ you must enter your name and select the registration key in the given fields on ‘your screen.
  6. When you are done entering your key, the ‘Unlock’ button will get ‘Aonive’. You then need to click on the ‘Unlock’ button.
  7. Then, on the next screen, you should see the option to register your software. You can always register online, using your mobile phone, or later; however, it is recommended to register online.
  8. At last, when you are done filling out the registration fields, you will need to click on the blue ‘Register’ button, correct at the bottom of your screen.

IMPORTANT: Remember that you must enter the email address you used when placing your order and purchasing RootsMagic 8.


The step-by-step instructions above should get you through every detail regarding RootsMagic 8 Mac Download instructions using the Safari Web Browser. We hope you find this blog helpful; however, if you encounter any problem or glitch that comes your way during the process, you can feel free to contact the well-trained and efficient technicians at Family Tree Maker Support at any time. The experts are available 24/7 and will see that all the queries are resolved quickly. You could even connect with us using the Family Tree Maker Live Chat Support, where you will get free tech support service immediately.

Using RootsMagic To-Go on a Flash-Drive

RootsMagic To-Go on a Flash Drive

Are you facing issues using RootsMagic To-Go on a Flash Drive? If yes, then you must go ahead with this content, and then you can immediately use RootsMagic to go on a flash drive. So, reach out to the experts for any issues related to RootsMagic.

RootsMagic To-Go on a Flash Drive

Some specifications are required;

  • 4 GB of storage
  • USB interface on a PC
  • Operating systems required: Windows 95 or later; Mac OS 8.6, Linux 2.4
  • High-speed data transfer must be compatible with USB 2 and USB 1.1

How do you transfer data in RootsMagic to Go in simple ways?

To quickly transfer data in RootsMagic to go then follow the steps as follows

  • First, you must insert your thumb drive into your respective computer.
  • After that, you need to open the RootsMagic to go program.
  • Next, pick the drive letter of your separate thumb drive mentioned from the drop-down menu.
  • You must go to the transfer data button to bring up the transfer screen.
  • Go ahead to any files you want by simply moving the box just next to them.
  • You have to use the change folders button to change the sync folder with the monitor and the flash drive.
  • Finally, go to the transfer files button instantly.


While transferring the files, make sure not to change the screen or flash drive copies without syncing the records. Also, if you need to make any changes to any versions, notify us that the disagreement has occurred. After doing so, you must instruct RootsMagic on which copy to hold.

How do you install RootsMagic 7 instantly on the flash drive?

To install RootsMagic 7 for moving on the flash drive, follow the steps as follows;

  • First, You need to move ahead to the icon mentioned on your respective computer desktop in just the name of RootsMagic 7 to go. After that, you need to double-click on the icon to open it well simply.
  • Next, you need to check out the list of removal drives, and if you have not inserted your flash drive, you can simply install the software.
  • You can move ahead to the removal drive and then move ahead to install RootsMagic to remove the disk.
  • Next, you will find a few options just with a checkmark on those. You need to keep the default settings then, and then you need to go ahead to install.
  • You have to choose the first option for using the full version of the respective RootsMagic feature.
  • If you are facing some issues while using any free version, then in such cases, you need to choose RootsMagic Essentials. You need to put the name, then, as well as the activation key.
  • Now, you simply need to register in the given field, and thus, you can simply use the flash drive on your respective computer.

Why should you use RootsMagic to Go?

Whenever you are with your family and if anyone is talking about genealogy, then you can use RootsMagic To-Go on a Flash Drive. It will help you get updated on the family history. Also, you don’t know when you will get the chance to discover something, so it would be best to have it with you for further knowledge.

Need some help?

If you are facing issues while using RootsMagic, it would be best to talk to the live experts simply. You simply need to inform the professional about the issues you are having with RootsMagic to eliminate such problems quickly! You can call us at our Family Tree Support Number +1-888-257-3335, or you can Live Chat with our Genealogy Experts.

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