Family Tree Maker 2017 Printed Companion Guide

FTM 2017 Companion Guide

This post explains every important detail about the FTM 2017 Companion Guide to Family Tree Maker. Therefore if you are one of those users or you would like to purchase the ‘FTM 2017 Companion Guide’ then you should know that you have definitely come across the perfect blog. Here you will find everything you ought to know you only need to go through this page and you’ll be done in no time to get what you desire.

FTM 2017 Companion Guide Printed:

How to Purchase – If you would like to order the printed Companion Guide then you should visit official Website. Then click on the FTM Gift Collection link tile. Or if not you could also order a copy when you pick up the free FTM 2017 update.

How many editions are there in FTM?

There are a total number of four guides – Mac and Windows are in US English and UK English. Furthermore, the UK English edition is shipped throughout Europe from the FTM printer in London. To Australia and New Zealand, it is shipped from the FTM distribution centre that is near Melbourne. However, the US English is shipped everywhere from Western Massachusetts.

All about the printed editions – FTM is now printing on archival quality paper in a format that is larger than the past editions. In addition it is added with high-quality flat edge paperback binding as well. The guide is in full color and runs 330 or so pages which is a slightly different length for Mac and Windows.

Keeping updated- FTM had made it their aim that they send out emails to the purchasers on the same day their copy is shipped. You can find the updates posted right here on the FTM website itself as well as on Facebook.

For all Queries- You are free to ask ‘Family Tree Support Live Chat if you have any questions related to the Companion Guide. Get access to the ‘Live Chat’ you can go to and then just enter Live Chat in the search field and you should be all good to start.


Question:- How will I get to know when my copy is shipped?

Answer:- You will easily get to know about your copy when shipped via email. For the US and CA orders, the ‘FTM 2017 Companion Guide’ is send by regular USPS media mail. You will find a piece of tracking information in your email notification.

Question:- I have received a shipping notification email, but why the tracking information does not show anything?

Answer:- No need to worry as the tracking information will update online the day after your copy is shipped.

Question:- I am not sure if I ordered a copy. Therefore how can I find out?

Answer:- If you’re not sure about your order then when you first placed your order you should have received a confirmation email.

Question:- Do I need to contact ‘Live Chat’ to find out about the expected date of my copy?

Answer:- Well, as advised you should avoid contacting ‘Live Chat’ until at least a week after you receive your shipping notification.

Update Family Tree Maker 2019

Question:- Is Family Tree Maker 2017 free update available?

Answer:- Yes, and all those who had purchased a Mackiev edition have already been notified about the same via email. Hence if you didn’t receive an email then you click here for more information.

Question:- Is there a big difference between FTM Windows and Mac editions?

Answer:- No, there’s not really much difference. The applications are quite close in functionality now so the only biggest difference would be that the Mac Guide had all Mac screenshots whereas the Windows edition has the Windows screenshots. Therefore if you have both platforms then you could make use of any of the editions.

Question:- The available FTM 2017 free updates; do the printed and PDF Companion Guides match?

Answer:- You should know that both the printed Companion Guide and PDF versions. In the ‘Help’ menu were update so that they match the change that were made in the first free update (23.1) for FTM 2017. However, no further updates have been made with the release of 23.2 so far.

Question:- Is the FTM 2017 guide the same as the PDF provided in the ‘Help’ menu?

Answer:- Yes, definitely it is just the same, but it is printed in a book format. People usually find a book much handier compared to a PDF therefore one is printed.

Conclusion :-

We hope that we have answer all your queries and you are satisfied with the same. If you need any help feel free to reach out to the Family Tree Maker Support team. They will guide you accordingly and you can be assured that you will not regret your decision as the team will not let you down.

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