How to instantly make a Kinship diagram in simple steps?

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If you need to make a Kinship diagram, then you must go through this content. Here, you will find the simple steps to make a Kinship diagram. So, move ahead, and in case of any trouble related to it, then you must contact the professional right now for diagram-related issues.

Before knowing the steps, let us know what a Kinship diagram is

Kinship Diagrams, also known as Kinship Charts, are used to illustrate relationships. You can easily use the diagram to visualize the lineage, which is just the same as the family tree chart. Also, you can easily used by anthropologists for quickly mapping the relationships and also for presenting the kinship of the culture pattern without having any specific names.

Symbols of Kinship diagram

You must be aware of the language of the diagram, as all use the same primary symbol. Below is a chart where you will know how to represent individuals as well as social organizations. Also, you must not get confused with the family tree symbols because they look quite the same but have different meanings in relation to kinship diagram symbols.

Make a Kinship Diagramused for a female

Make a Kinship DiagramFor male

Kinship DiagramOther gender

Make a Kinship Diagramused if the individual has been deceased

Marriage and cohabitation

Make a Kinship Diagramused for indicating the marriage

Make a Kinship DiagramIndicating the cohabiting couple who are not married yet

Make a Kinship DiagramSymbolizing the parents who are not married and also who are not cohabiting

Make a Kinship DiagramThose who have a divorce

Kinship Chart Diagramused for those who have married twice and have their first spouse on the left

Kinship Diagram makerused for those who have married twice but draw lines is used for connecting the spouses below the symbols

Create Kinship Diagramfor indicating the biological descent

Kinship Chartfor indicating the adoptive descent


  Make a Kinship DiagramIt is used when you don’t know the parents but shows the common descent between brother and sister.

To quickly make the Kinship diagrams, follow the steps as follows

Step 1

First of all, you need to add Ego to the centre of the page. For that, you need to designate one individual simply, and then it would be identified as Ego. Also, many kinship diagrams are used as a different color or style for highlighting the go. For instance, in the template mentioned above, the Ego is only filled with colors and nothing else.

Step 2

You need to add the kin of Ego simply. For that, you simply need to use the Kinship chart symbols mentioned above. You can easily add in the relationships that are used for visualizing. Also, for recording the parent of the Ego as well as the ancestor, the siblings mentioned they would be at the same level as the Ego and Ego’s children, and the descendants would be below the Ego.

If you are using a Lucid chart, then the majority of the shapes that you require will be available in the flowchart. Also, the shape would be there to the left of the editor. You can easily copy and paste the special character quickly from the internet or just from the word processor.

Step 3

If you want, you can easily change the colour or style depending on the rules.

  • Cognatic descent system (non-unilineal descent)
  • Corporate descent system (unilineal descent)

Step 4

Finally, you can write down the relationships there. Also, if you need to, you can easily add a tag that is just below each shape to show its relationship to the Ego.

Need some help?

If you still need some help related to Ego or diagram, then without any other thought, reach out to the experts right now. You simply need to tell them the issues so that they can guide you with the best solutions right away for getting 100% help related to the diagram!

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