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Here in this blog, you will learn about the Legacy Deluxe Customer Care number. If you are facing some issues with the Legacy deluxe, then in such cases, you need to reach tech support for quick help. You simply need to reach the experts quickly using the Customer Care Number and inform them about the queries. You need to tell them to get free from such related difficulties in no time or just talk to a live professional for quick help.

Legacy Deluxe Customer Care Number +1-888-257-3335

What is a legacy family tree?

Legacy Family Tree is one of the reputed genealogy software for Windows that helps family historians track, organize, and print a family history. Also, the standard edition is distributed as freeware and has no restrictions. It just required some registration on the company website to download the software. Also, the users can pay some fee for conducting the product activation to unlock the additional features in the deluxe edition.

How to Upgrade Legacy in Simple Steps?

All the updates are free with a version number. If you are a deluxe customer, go to the legacy home tab. After that, you need to go ahead to the update sections. Next, when you go to Word Updates, you will find a link to see what is new. Along with that, you can update the program mentioned on the webpage. Also, if you are a Legacy standard user, you will find the current build number and date.

Before downloading or installing, you need to turn off the antivirus and firewall software temporarily. This will block the download and installation, and then you must close the programs. Also, you can install the program, and then, after downloading or installing it, you need to double-tap the legacy home tab to ensure that the update has been installed. After doing so, you will see the latest build message well depending on the version of the Windows;

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Also, if you want, you can switch the accounts, and if you are using Windows 7 or 8, then in such case, you need to download from the official website simply. After that, you need to put the setup and tap on the setup file. You have to choose Run as administrator, and it will be installed well.

Unlocking Deluxe Features

To unlock the Legacy deluxe features, you must move to the help mentioned on the menu bar. After doing so, you need to go to unlock Legacy. After that, you need to check whether the Legacy deluxe edition has been selected. Next, you need to write down the name and the customer number. Go to the continue option instantly; you need to know that you will get the congratulations message. After doing so, you need to look for the status of your respective Legacy edition by moving to the help and selecting file properties. You will then find the customer number there. If installed, you will quickly move to the Guided Startup wizard. After doing so, you must ensure you have purchased the deluxe edition of Legacy.

You have then to write down the name and the deluxe customer number. You have to then go ahead to the next step soon. Also, you must ensure you have included the hyphens well in the customer number. You must also check that you have written exactly what has been shown in the email or information mentioned in your CD.

Along with that, in legacy 7.5 or earlier, you have to move ahead to the help. After doing so, you need to choose to unlock Legacy Deluxe. After that, you will find the general information screen that is help > general information. You have to see if you have the standard or deluxe edition, and then it will quickly display the name and the customer number if you have the deluxe.

How do you quickly get Legacy Deluxe support?

If you are facing some queries with the Legacy Deluxe, then contact the experts right now depending on your needs;

Chat support

You need to go to the live chat option and write down the issues well to tell them about the queries with your Legacy deluxe so they can understand it well. Just inform them quickly, and then you can immediately reach them for quick help related to Legacy Deluxe.

Phone Support

You will easily find the phone number on the website. You need to dial it simply, and then quickly, you will get support from a technician. Just inform them about the queries via phone so they can understand them, and then they will guide you with 100% satisfactory solutions. You can call us at our Legacy Support Number at +1-888-257-3335 for any kind of technical help.

Remote Support

You can also get remote support for quick help and solutions if you want. You need to tell them about the queries that you are going through so that you will get satisfactory and 100% solutions.

Need some help? Contact the Legacy Deluxe customer care number right now

If you are encountering some trouble with the Legacy Deluxe, you can quickly inform them about the issues that you are going through. So, without giving it any other thought, reach tech support quickly to get 100% satisfactory solutions and assistance right now! Call Now +1-888-257-3335

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