Fix Missing Media Tool And Corrupt File In Family Tree Maker 2019

In this article, you will learn how to Fix missing media and corrupt files. If you want to know about FTB Files, click this link. The steps below will fix missing media and corrupt files. Media files are also an essential element of Family Tree Maker as they show the index picture. Also, documents about that index and media files on FTM2017 can be .jpeg, .png, .pdf, etc.

When these files are missing or corrupt from the source destination or computer, they won’t show up on the tree, and instead, they will create an icon of a magnifying icon on the media tab of FTM2017.

When you click on these files, it says “file not found.” So, before moving your media files from one folder to another, we have to be very careful. We have to mention the new directory in the FTM2017 media tab to avoid this kind of problem.

Fix Missing Media And Corrupt Files in Family Tree Maker?

The missing media tool and corrupt media files are under the Media tab, where you will find all the available media and related files in your tree.

Also, a folder is created in your document by default as Family Tree Maker. Under this folder, you can file a media folder with your tree names. So you can change and modify your media file from here, too.

To prevent this kind of problem, please do a full backup when your tree is in good shape.
In the future, if you encounter any problem, you can restore it using this backup file.
Secondly, whenever you scan your computer for viruses using any anti-virus program, please be careful before you delete or move files to quarantine the scan result. That file can be of your m, media, too, so please be cautious about it.

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The best way to keep your tree without any problems is a backup of your tree. It would be best to back up your tree when it is in good shape. Please make sure when you do a backup. You include media and citations as well.
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