Syncing Merged Tree from family tree maker to

Okay so I am sure you are an expert, or you may have just started on family tree maker software because you wanted to find your ancestor information or someone from your family must have gifted you their tree. If you have been using family tree maker and now you want to merge your tree with someone else’s tree, you can easily do that. Family tree maker allows you to merge two trees and give a different name.

For example, A wants to merge tree with B, A can merge and keep the name as AB1 or AB tree or AMB tree. If you want to sync your tree to ancestry, you will not be able to do this. I will explain this to you in detail why you cannot sync with the ID that you have from Ancestry. is the website where you need to create your account and purchase their subscription.

They also request you to get your DNA test done and accordingly they go ahead and help you have your tree sync online or give you information about your ancestors. Now since two trees are being synced and two different DNA persons information’s are being uploaded and synced by family tree maker on, this is where creates a bug in your online tree.

This is where creates a fake(different) ID then you have. For example, if you are id is [email protected], they create another id as @@[email protected] this means your tree will not be synced when you update your information on family tree maker. There is one way you can upload your merged tree online but if you want to update anything to the tree, you will have to log in to your instead updating anything on family tree maker software.

If you are not sure, what to do about syncing your merged tree or if you want more information related to family tree maker or about, Please call us on our family tree maker support number +1-800-697-1474. We provide premium technician service for family tree maker software and to those who do not know whom to call and how to get their problem resolved.

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