What Is the Accurate Procedure For Sharing-Ancestry-DNA-Results?

What Is the Accurate Procedure For Sharing Ancestry DNA Results?Have you been searching for a proper guide to be able to share AncestryDNA results? Then you must know that you are in the perfect place as here you will find all the solutions only at one stop. You’ve just got follow through the instructions carefully to get the correct result.

Steps to be followed to share the AncestryDNA results:

  • First of all, you would have to go straight to your DNA home page; you can do so by giving a click on your DNA Results Summary, from the given drop-down menu, that is right at the top of the menu. (it is a pink arrow)
  • Then you need to give a click on the Settings, which will be at the top right of the displayed page. (this too is a pink arrow)
  • After that, as you are on the Settings page, you need to scroll down until you come across a box that is titled ‘Sharing Preferences’
  • Now you got to look for the DNA Ethnicity and Matches in the ‘Sharing and Preferences’ box.
  • You then will have to click on the down arrow that is right next to the ‘Change’ option on the right side. (it is as ‘My red arrow’)
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    Next on the displayed page that appears, you must click on the plus sign that is next to the ‘Add a person’ option, for which you would have to look at the end of the page.

  • Then again on the page that appears you need to put the username or the email address in the box provided. And if you do not remember you can choose t6o send a message to your relative on Ancestry and ask for the same. And then if they reply, you will get to see their username on the email that you will get from Ancestry.
  • You now need to select the access that you would like to have. You should also opt to leave your ‘Viewer Box’ checked to allow your relative to see your information. To do so, you need to check the ‘Collaborator’ tab, if you are working with a person that you like to have the ability to add information to your matches such as; notes, stars, or groups. If not you can just check the ‘Manager’ option if you only want to completely manage your DNA along with getting messages?
  • At last, you’ve just got to click on the green ‘Send Invitation’ button – This will allow your relative to receive an email along with the subject line saying ‘You have been invited to access Kitty Munson’s AncestryDNA results. You are then good to go.

The above information is absolute and the steps should definitely help you learn how you should be Sharing Ancestry DNA Results. However in case you encounter any sort of issues then you just immediately get in touch with our Family Tree maker Experts without any delay and they will surely guide you with the appropriate solutions.

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